Beach Inspired Bathroom

Aqua Shower Curtain design by Deirdre Tanton - Source
As a serious tea addict time to time I spend time in the morning over a cup of tea with Pinterest open. As you probably already know Pinterest (click here find me) is one of the websites that once opened is very hard to close. Especially if you are looking for DIY projects and inspirations. 

One of my favourite searches includes: seaside theme and bathrooms. My dream is to live nearby a beautiful sea in light, rich blue, ideally somewhere in a hot or at least warm country. I live nearby the North Sea, but one day I am definitely going to have a beautiful view at Mediterranean Sea (girl can dream). Before this happen I want to adapt a few ideas in my bathroom that I have found lately on Pinterest and similar items that you can buy in UK.          

                                      Candle holders

Ceramic House 
Ivory Lighthouse

Driftwood Shelves

By designershelving
Modern touch from desifnershelving

Beach Craft Jars 

White Shelves...
Available at eBay

...filled with
Wax Melt Warmer 
Star Fish

WoodWick Candles

                                             What would your perfect bathroom look like? 


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