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Some professional designers create mood boards for various projects to help illustrate a design and act as a reference point. Mood board can include anything starting from pieces of materials, photographs, text, graphics, textures, and other objects conveying theme and helping to visualise design idea. 
All mood boards were made in Polyvore
I use it mainly for interior designs, outfits, and event planning such as wedding, to check if picked colours, items, patterns work well together. Mood board allows to play around with the idea, designs, colours without any limitations.       
Pink Mood
Mood board helps to organise all inspirations in one place and remove the one that do not work well with the composition. It is easier to see what items stand out and look out of place without spending a penny. I believe that focus on the theme, which mood boards allow is one of the biggest advantages.  
I had the most fun with creating a mood board on my wall. I was planning my New Year’s resolutions and goals as a teenager. I remember, that I was planning to improve my photography skills. I would print out or tear out of a magazines images I loved and attached to a wall. It was not perfect, I did not spend months doing it but I loved it! It was a great reminder of where at the end of the year I want to be with my photography skills. Pretty mood board is not only inspiration itself but also a decoration. Now I am mainly creating digital mood boards, you can use PinterestNiiceGo Mood Board, Canva, Photoshop, or Paint if you do not want to sign to any websites. Roomstyler is great for interior design's mood boards. 
Limiting yourself with a mood board is not ideal to get your creative juices flowing, use all sort of inspiration for your project. Sometimes thing you use in the mood board might not literally be used in the design but reflects the mood you want to convey. 
Bon Voyage!

Creating a mood board for a space in the flat might also include text e.g. adjectives describing the space. Again it brings back much needed focus to the desired mood, which suppose to be achieved at the end of the project.

What makes a great mood board? Share links to your mood boards in comments.



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