Smart & Safe Summer Introduction

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Sushi time in Glasgow, anyone?

Vanilla Cheesecake with strawberries and green tea ice creams

Are you travelling to Glasgow this summer?


Minimalism in your house in small steps

 I am not going to say: one cup, mattress and toothbrush can stay, and get rid of everything else! Minimalism for me is not about proving others that I am better because I can live without A, B & C. I am not going to say that you can only be a minimalist if you have 10 clothes in your wardrobe. That is totally not what minimalism is for me.  I have way more clothes than that and I still consider myself a minimalist.



Little things that can improve mood

While recovering after tonsillectomy, I was wondering what improves my mood and simply makes me happy even during the rainy days or when I cannot exercise. I was looking for things that don’t cost fortune.

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