Little things that can improve mood

While recovering after tonsillectomy, I was wondering what improves my mood and simply makes me happy even during the rainy days or when I cannot exercise. I was looking for things that don’t cost fortune.

Currently I am a proud owner of four orchids: white, purple, pink, and purple – in order as they are now on my window celling. They are not very hard to maintain, Baby Bio Orchid Food makes wonders. Also since I am spending more time in one place not in between three or more different flats as I used to I buy fresh cut flowers. Florists can do an excellent job but there is something satisfying in arranging, rearranging and taking care of your own bouquet. So far flowers from Marks and Spencer had the longest lifetime in the blue vase I have. 

I love walking as it helps me to think. It is very therapeutic especially when surrounded by the nature. Iceland offers an incredible variety. However, I am not very fussy, I like to walk and explore cities too, especially at night. From walking, running and cycling I will always pick walking and I am really glad I can do it.

Anytime is a tea time, especially when you do not feel your best. Ritual of making tea from picking tea, checking temperature, pouring water, watching leaves and looking at water slowly changing its colour and taste is calming and relaxing.

I used to read to escape and kill time, as I was never a fan of soap operas or movies. Today too I would rather read a good book than sit in cinema.  Harry Potter was my number one for a long time when I was a teenager. It took me eight hours to read fourth part and I was devastated at the end, as I knew I would have to wait for so long for the next one. Also, I love books’ smell. I might consider buying Kindle or whatever (suggestions?) but there is always a place for books in my house.

I really like the smell of some shampoos so washing hair is an instant therapy. Some sort of version of aromatherapy, I guess. I just love when I can smell a pleasant smell with every movement of my head. Unfortunately it never last for longer than a day.

What makes you happy?


  1. For me Tea...Nothing beats the warm sugary flavour of a good cup of tea! Also getting outside in the fresh air, whether that be walking or going for a run I find really helps lift my mood :)


    1. Hello, tea is great. Have you ever tried Maroccan Apple - Mint tea? It's delicious! Have a lovely day, Iga xx

  2. Great list, I think it's always nice to recognise the things that make us smile for the days that we feel down. Tea and walking also makes me feel instantly better, it's crazy how it's the little things that can be the most therapeutic. Lovely post, hope you're having the best day!!

    -Nabeela xo

    1. Hello Nabeela! It's good to be grateful for the smallest of things. It is making life happier and so much easier when you can appreciate the little joys. Thank you for your comment! Have a lovely day, Iga x

  3. Highly energetic blog, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  4. Your style is so unique compared to other people I have read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I'll just book mark this web site.


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