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Smart & Safe Summer is blog post series that will appear here every Monday for next two months.

I am a student, friend, traveler, girl, blogger... I am also an older sister. If you would ask my little sister, I can be quite annoying 'Big Sis'. I know that she is probably reading it right now as she is quite curious if not to say inquisitive person. *grin*

This summer my little sister is going for a holiday with her friends to a well known spot for parties, cocktails, and fun. It also means that her older sister is getting paranoid every day, more and more. Also she seriously wonders whom she can send to keep an eye on her while big sis is away in USA.

Therefore I have decided to start new series called Smart & Safe Summer where for the next two months, starting from next Monday, I will share tips and ideas on how to stay safe and avoid troubles. Possibly I am going to sound like an old auntie that you are not a fan of, but as summer is approaching it is worth refreshing your knowledge that you probably already have.

Smart and safe summer with Iga Berry what are we going to talk about
Check above what I have planned for you. What else would you like to talk about?

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