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If you are reading this while sitting in the sun, waiting for the evening to wear your favourite, fabulous high heels, wear a dress that highlights your gorgeousness and go dancing, you are in a similar position to me. Minus the sun as I am at work and it is raining.

Before you wear your dress and high heels take time to think how you will get to and from the party. Especially from, as after a couple of drinks, you might have an ‘amazing idea’ to walk back to your hotel. I would suggest taking a licensed taxi even in your own country, not mentioning abroad. In Aberdeen I would usually walk back with my friends but in Glasgow I always took a taxi.
Write down phone numbers for two different taxi companies in case one fails. Have your hotel address written in the driver’s native language. It is going to be much easier to communicate. Do not write your room address on the same card. I would suggest not writing it at all and remembering it. There should be someone in reception able to help you. Check first if your hotel has 24 hour reception.  
Have money solely for the purpose of an emergency. Need for another margarita is not an emergency. Hide it in a secure position where no one can take it easily away from you. What works for me is separating money to have it in two different locations; in a bag with zips towards my body to make it more difficult to reach. Also it is better to lose your bag than fight for it and risk your health. The other location is my bra. Pockets for bra insert often work as an emergency money pocket. Why? If someone really wants to steal them I will notice it for sure, where I cannot guarantee that with all the dancing I am not going to lose my bag. Secondly, when I am really desperate for a margarita or pink angel (my fav lately! Check out photo) it is way more awkward to get the money from my bra. I have some time to rethink if I really want to walk back to a hotel in high heels. As fabulous as they can be, they are a pain to walk in after a whole night long dancing. And most of all, I am very likely to forget that I have it, so will not spend it unless I really need to.        
Would you like to save money and take a bus? Check the times of the last one and travel in a bigger group. Usually groups are less frequently a point of interest for an attacker. Also sit close to the driver. What if you and your friend are both tipsy and not sure what to do or where to go? Call hotel reception. They will be able to help you and say how much roughly the cost will be.
Let’s say somehow the need for margarita was greater than the need to be responsible for yourself and you decided to walk back. Always pick busy, well-lit streets and walk with friends. Even if the dark, backroad shortcut saves you a mile walk, avoid it. Safe during the day but way more dangerous at night.

If you have to pass someone or something, for example a bush that might increase the feeling of danger, walk confidently to the other side of the road. Heels are great but take them off if you can. Even better if you have foldable flat shoes with you, I have to admit they are the best!  If you do have to run you have a higher chance of running faster and further. Also watch where you walk, in the ideal world people do not drink and drive. In our world they do.
What if the person that you have just met suggests walking back with you or driving you back? I would avoid it. You are a big girl; you can drink and party, so you can pay for your taxi back too. He might be cute, charming and so innocent. In most of the cases that is true. People are not waiting to attack you. But there is always a slight chance that your judgment was influenced by something that might have changed your objective opinion to a very subjective one. Well, maybe you just split up or argued with your boyfriend and the intentions of a charming stranger who was generously buying you cocktails are not as kind as they appear. Swap numbers, keep your hotel address and especially your room to yourself.

Instagram can wait till you are back home. Do not show off your phone without a real purpose, unless of course you have spare money to get another one after someone takes yours.

Next week I am going to talk about enjoying new friendships without putting yourself in danger. Keep in touch and let me know what your tips are for having a great night out while on holidays!? 

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