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Smart & Safe Summer is a blog series that appears on IgaBerry every Monday from May. This blog series is a collection of ways and information to help you have a safer time. Let's talk about sex.

Sweet, colorful cocktails, nights out on the beach, temperature is raising and if sex is consensual there is nothing more to think and talk about other than protection. Condoms help stop the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Do not count on your contraception pills in this department.

If you are looking for other contraception methods you can check  them here and here.
Some time ago I read an article, which stated wives should have sex with their husbands even if they are not in the mood for whatever reason. I have to say, that I am a big advocate of doing what feels right for you without crossing another person’s freedom and if you do not want to continue let your partner know. One person's freedom is therefore always another person's restriction – simply as.

It is more than ok to say no. You do not have to explain yourself. You are not in a mood for Chinese; you are going to get Italian. If you do not want to have sex, you do not have sex. Simply as and no article will tell me otherwise.

What if your partner does not want to understand your “No”?

Push your partner’s hands off you. Clearly create a barrier between the two of you. Even if you have to stand up and walk away. You really should not have explain yourself more than once. If things get out of control protect yourself, scream if you have to. Sex is supposed to be an amazing experience for both partners.  

To read more about No Means No Worldwide campaign click here.
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