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Summer is in a full swing and most of the graduates found or are looking for a job. Similarly some are going to move out from home for a first time to start an exciting student life in a new place. It does not matter if it is going to be a new work or University it is time going to think of finding place that for next few months, maybe years you will be calling home. If you are lucky you might look for a new flat to buy. Some of the tips I will share in next few weeks on Mondays will apply to you more than others. 

I remember when I moved out from home for a first time to continue education. Everything was bigger and very exciting. However, in time I familiarised myself with a new city, roommate, other students and I have had one of the greatest experiences I could possibly have. In total I moved to different cities 5 times for longer than 3 months. In one city I would change apartments every five maybe six months or so around 8 times in total. Looking for an apartment that is suitable for me was definitely a learning curve for me. To this date I was living in more than 16 apartments. I was never asked to move out. I was just unwilling to pay money for something that was not up to my standards. It is not me saying that I was always right, I could possibly work out solution somehow. However, the funny thing with landlords is that all good ones are so precious and hard to find that it was like a travel through Mordor. It was a very informative, sometimes painful, very cold at times (main reason that caused me to move) travel.

If you have a nice landlord who does not feel the need to go through your private things (yes, that does happened), do not feel a need to “pop in” without a notice to a flat you pay for and then comment on whatever there is to comment on… Or if actually acts quickly when problem arise do not let one misunderstanding to sabotage this relationship.

Come back next Monday to read more about preparation and research tips before narrowing down your options. Cannot wait, read your tips!  
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