July and August 2015 in Photos

 I just cannot help myself and not share with you my favouite photos from Instagram from July and August. Share links to your favourite photos from your Instagram! I am looking forward to see them and follow you! Share the love and follow me here

Arlene Shechet’s unique and abstract sculpture in vibrant orange was part of exhibition in The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. For me this piece is intriguing. I have seen poster with this sculpture one day on my way back from work. I was really interested to see its texture. Ticket price for students was $10 and adults $15 at the time.    

Sushi with a very poetic name: "Cherry blossoms" found somewhere on the way back from Walden Pond

 Another intriguing art piece from the ICA in Boston. This one is actually one of a few I would love to have in my apartment. Do not ask me why, there is just something perfect about this one.

 Who would not want such a cute rabbit?

Lovely, birthday treat for my friend from Hard Rock Cafe at Niagara Falls. We had a blast! Thank you!  

Morning coffee - usually I go for tea but this time I wanted something "stronger".  

This drink is officially "My Summer 2015" cold beverage. I hope I am going to be able to buy Green Tea Frappe in Scotland!  

I feel so lucky that I was able to stay in Boston, Massachusetts for over two months! I am not going to lie, this city is right up my street!   

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  1. Love your pics <3
    Nati xx

    1. Thank you Nati! I am going to check out your page right now! Exciting! Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  2. Love these photographs and I'm Instagram obsessed too!

    Victoria xx thedaisyjanes.com

    1. Thank you! My Instagram obsession is slowly developing. :) Have a lovely day, Iga xxx


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