📷 Cape Cod, USA

It is not a big secret that I am in 100% a summer girl! I love sun, sea, and sand in any order. Cape Cod has everything I love and more. Starting from small boutiques with hand made products, shops with quirky souvenirs, sea food restaurants and beach front bars everything together creates a very friendly, unique atmosphere. 


Hiking Through Autumn's Goals

When I was younger Autumn was my least favourite time of the year; days become shorter, colder and the rain successfully managed to keep me at home. As a outdoorsy type this was not ideal for me - I bet you can imagine my disappointment, despite the fact that it starts with my birthday, when September approached. I am still very much of a spring and summer person but this year I decided to take what is the best in Autumn. To do that I have created My Autumn Goals .


Autumn arrives in Aberdeen

After a long week in the city I decided to go to the countryside and visit one of Aberdeenshire hidden gems: Drum Castle and its romantic gardens.


Let's view this place! - House Hunting

Congratulations! You have found a property ad that ticks almost all of your boxes! There is a price, phone number, you know where the property is located, and you like the pictures and description. You called the person to make a viewing, confirmed that the property is still available to rent… And what is next?



Quiet Nights In The Westin Boston Copley Place

Are you looking for a hotel with a modern feel to it in the heart of Boston? Recently I had the chance to explore Boston and stay for over a week in the Westin Copley Place Boston Hotel. Ideally located near the unique boutiques (yay), high fashion shops (oh, yes!), restaurants for example Stephanie's, and little cafes at the Newbury Street hotel is perfect for a weekend break. Indoor heat pool and a fitness studio are adding a bit of the luxury to the experience.



False Advertisig "Size Does Matter" and Red Flags - House Hunting

Where do you start the search for your dream apartment? Assuming that you know what apartment you want and can afford, if you want flatmates and where do you want to live. When my mum was my age she started her search with ads in the newspaper. Today we have quicker methods with new options appearing any time at any day on various portals online.



My 50 Reasons To Be Happy!

Lovely Hollie asked me to take part and share 50 things that make me happy. I am always excited and glad to join and give my “happy reasons”. This time I will add things that might not seem big or cost a lot but are contributing towards my good mood.  At the beginning I thought that 50 is way too many, at the end of writing this post I was like “Whoa, I have another 50 to add!”



Kindle Voyage Pros & Cons

How do you like to spend your travel time? Kindle Voyage has given me a great time, especially during travel time. I have to admit that suntanning, or lunch breaks at work have never been so enjoyable before I discovered e-readers.  What was I looking for in the e-reader? 

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