My 50 Reasons To Be Happy!

Lovely Hollie asked me to take part and share 50 things that make me happy. I am always excited and glad to join and give my “happy reasons”. This time I will add things that might not seem big or cost a lot but are contributing towards my good mood.  At the beginning I thought that 50 is way too many, at the end of writing this post I was like “Whoa, I have another 50 to add!”

1.  Finding Pusheen in Little Tokio of course!  

2. Another one is berrylicous cup of tea just before going to work. 

3. Kind people I meet on my way that smile back to me. 

4. When I can hear little girl giggling somewhere in the shopping mall, park or elsewhere. 

5. Every single new comment from you, I love them! 

6. The same goes for emails contact me at igaberry1@gmail.com. 

7. Green Tea Frappe from Starbucks – if you know how I can make one at home, please let me know! 

8. Postcards always bring my smile back after a long, dull morning. I was involved in post crossing 
for a long time. 

9. When my friend sends to me a funny gif, emoticon, or link to article out of nowhere. 

10. Walks when I do not have to carry bag because someone adorable helps me. 

11. Anything with avocado. 

12. Seeing how many of you visited my blog during the day. 

13. Taking a photo that is perfect to share with you on Instagram. 

14. Preparing small nibbles for my friends. 

15. Looking for new recipes, lately mainly with avocado, that I think are not only healthy but tasty too! 

16. Arranging flowers. 

17. When bus driver waits for me extra 30 sec just so I can manage to be on time. Actually, I consider this as an amazing act of kindness. 

18. I also feel happy when I have a chance to find an owner of a teddy bear I have found on a bus. 

19. Twitter chats! Connect with me on Twitter. 

20. Taking care of my orchids. Yes, this includes talking to them. 

21. When someone writes: “Your post was really helpful”. 

22. Finding online documentary with experts that are knowledgeable and entertaining. 

23. Going to cinema to see uplifting movie. 

24. Not having to deal with loud noises of people eating at the cinema. 

25. Details in yellow. 

26. Ikabana. 

27. Finding inspirations online. 

28. Watching Grey’s Anatomy – currently I am waiting for new season. 

29. Cleaning my table tops with Dettol wipes – lime and lemon smell great. 

30. When new shoes are as comfortable at home, as they were in shop. 

31. Organising and planning potential holidays. 

32. Emails from my mum. 

33. Photos that my friends share with me from holidays, day trip, night out etc. 

34. When there is electricity that I can use to charge my mobile on the bus. 

35. Sunny days that are perfect to wear white clothes. 

36. Writing new blog post for you! 

37. Candle lights. 

38. Birthday cards and wishes! 

39. Christmas decorations all over cities. 

40. Motivational quotes that sometimes appear on Twitter. 

41. “Perfect hair day” – read as “I do not have to spend 30 minutes to look presentable”. 

42. My favourite perfumes that I can smell somewhere in the air. 

43. When perfume lasts for longer than a few hours on my skin. 

44. Using Fry Light  -  spraying can be so satisfying! 

45. Learning new skills such as html and Java. I would love to learn how to use properly Photoshop.  

46.  New day that I start from waking up in the fresh, crispy linen. 

47. Time with the loved ones uninterrupted by anything. 

48. Looking at magnets from places I have visited. I am always trying to get one. 

49. Text messages that ask me if I want to meet up. It is always good to know that your friends like to 
meet up with you! 

50. Funny/cute gifs - this post proves that.             

Feel free to join and share link to your post in comments! What are your reasons to be happy?   

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  1. absolutely love this post,it is awesome and i love your 50! There are so many here that i never mentioned and they would make it into my 50,perhaps another 50 lol xx

    1. Thank you! I loved yours too. Maybe in a few months I will return with another 50, who knows. Have a lovely day. Iga xxx

  2. I love #3. So many people don't smile back, but when one person does it feel so amazing. More bus-drivers should do #17. Haha that gif at #41.

    xx Izzy | Qthee

    1. It does feel weird when you smile and people just ignore it, right? 41 is the best! Would love cat like this one! Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  3. Yay for greys anatomy =]


    1. Currently impatiently waiting for new season! Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  4. Nice! I like anything avocado, birthday stuff and Christmas decorations!


    1. Avocado wins! Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  5. Replies
    1. Awww that's so sweet Linda! How is she? Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  6. People who give smiles to strangers are fab. I dont like avacado though. I have nominated you for a blogger award https://theanxiousdragonsblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/sisterhood-of-the-world/

    1. Thank you! I will have a look! I am not sure if I have not taken part already!Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  7. Yes! Rando people smiling back at you is such a nice little uplifting thing :) Oh yeah and just put avocado in everything and I swear the world would be a better place!
    Something that makes me really happy is the feeling of achievement. Looking at something great and saying: I did ths!

    1. Hahaha avocado has a power to change boring lunch into an exciting, new world doesn't it?


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