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Congratulations! You have found a property ad that ticks almost all of your boxes! There is a price, phone number, you know where the property is located, and you like the pictures and description. You called the person to make a viewing, confirmed that the property is still available to rent… And what is next?

Be on time

There is nothing worst than being late for your viewing. You are sending a signal “I am late for the viewing, so I am probably going to be late with rent to”. If you know that you are running out of time and there is a huge amount of traffic, call the person, you are supposed to meet as soon as possible. Waiting 15 minutes might not be a problem for them but there might be another person waiting to see a flat after that time.
Changed Your Mind?
If you changed your mind or already found somewhere else call and cancel your viewing. You do not have to but it is simple courtesy to do so. You would not want to wait for half an hour for someone who will never appear.
Take a Breath
Before being all excited about the possibility of finding your new house take a breath and look at the building from outside. Is the area tidy? What vibe does the neighborhood give you? Everything checked and is better than good? Amazing!
How does it look? 
It is time to look at the building a bit closer from the outside. Are there any cracks on the walls? There might be potential structure problems. If you plan to stay there for a short period of time, it might be fine but if you are looking for a long-term place to live in take this into consideration.   
Secondly, are there any watermarks on the wall? Sometimes they might be green, brownish. It might suggest that there is problem with a the roof or it might be an internal plumbing issue. 
Is the entrance/main door to the building secure? Leaving work early morning on Sunday might be adventurous if the main doors are not closing and you live near bars.
Is the buzzer working? It might not be irritating for some people but if you are not in this group or like to have your phone on silence all the time double check.
Let's go inside!
Everything so far looks good; you are entering the building to see how the corridor looks like. Is it clean? Usually fresh smell, clean doormats, and flowers on the window ceilings are the signs that your neighbors or a hired company are taking care of the corridor. Does it smell of urine or are there pets droppings? Something like that would not annoy me ten years ago now, it could be a problem. Trash and bottles in the corner are also a clear sign that there is an issue with cleanliness and probably parties. I have to say that when I moved into one flat the corridor looked perfect but in time someone very messy and inconsiderate moved in just to keep leaving his hangover/drunk food all over the stairs every Saturday.
What do you look at before entering hopefully your dream flat? Do you mind how the building looks like and if the corridor is clean?
You made it on time to see the flat! Someone buzzed you in and now you are standing in the corridor of you maybe your future home. It is time to have a good look around! Next Monday I will share with you, what I am looking at inside house.

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