Cheap & Fun Date Ideas

Cheap and Fun Date Ideas



Fall in Pictures on Instagram

I would love to share with you photos from my Instagram profile that you liked the most in last few weeks. Thank you so much for visiting my profile (click here), all comments and most of all for letting me to be part of your day! If I have not followed you, please leave link to Instagram in comments below. 

Delicious apple pie was number one on my Instagram!  I feel flattered that my (let's face it) limited cooking skills were appreciated! 



J'adore Golden Sophistication

Christian Dior J'adore perfume bottle

Do you know what fragrance was a huge success in the perfume world and on my beauty dressing table? Are you not sure? Let me give you another clue: a sophisticated smell, golden in colour and enclosed in an elegant, delicate bottle. Are you still not convinced what is it? Do you remember a TV advert with an extremely feminine Charlize Theron? Yes, you are spot-on it must be J’adore!  Fragrance created by Fran├žois Demachy and Calice Becker for Dior.


Minimalistic Seasonal Decorations

In my studio flat my decoration mantra had to be “less is more”. Cluttered and small living space would be my nightmare, yet I could not say no to seasonal decorations. How did I approach this to suit my active lifestyle?


EOS for kissable lips!

EOS lip balm for sore, dry lips reviewed by lifestyle blogger iga berry

Do you have sore or dry lips? If there is anything I am sure that will happen during cold, windy days  is that my lips are going to be an example of unattractive, chapped lips. Not kissable what so ever, I have to admit. Most of the lip balms I've tried cannot meet my needs. This is until I have found "The One" 99% natural with Shea Butter as one of the moisturising ingredients. This little blue egg is the one and only that I am going to be faithful too during Autumn 2015. 


DOT by Marc Jacobs - Fragrance On The Go!!!

I am not over summer quite yet, thus one of the things in my bag  is... DOT by Marc Jacobs. This fragrance reminds me of careless summer nights, tones of red berries, jasmine, and orange blossom. I gave the roller a chance as charming, eye catching, and its super cute box covered in adorable dots caught my eye in Los Angeles. Also its association with ladybirds is so prominent I could not say no.  They are just too cute! 



Let's Sail Away

The Ship Inn is a perfect little place in historic Stonehaven with many seats inside for rainy days and outside for the sunny months. I stopped there on my way back to Aberdeen for a mouth watering lunch after a walk to Dunnottar Castle


Sea and Sunday in Stonehaven

Ice cream in Scotland during Autumn? That's a new one, I never thought I will be able to without shaking like a leaf! First week of October welcomed me with glorious sunshine in Stonehaven a small town nearby Aberdeen - known also as The Granite City.
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