Bill's in Worcester

If you enjoy juicy burgers after a busy morning (Christmas shopping!), and as it happened that you are in Worcester, this post is for you. After a few long hours of Christmas shopping I was thinking of… Food (how surprising!). I stop by in Bill’s for a filling lunch with my companion (companion is such a formal word, isn’t it?).



Are You Ready To Play The Game?

 Autumn and winter are perfect to play board games, aren't they?! If you are looking for a creative and exciting board game for you and your fabulous friends, or a gift for a game board lovers put Scattergories on your list.

 Watching movies together while munching popcorn is great. However it can get a little bit repetitive (its not every week there is the Hunger Games premiere! Soooo excited!). My friend recommended Scattergories straight after my confession that I love to play Scrabble (Yes, I am one of those word obsessed people).



Survive deadlines without stress

Without denying November for me was/is (and probably always will be) one of the busiest months of a year at University, what is quite ironic as late autumn is associated with slower evenings (I wish!). Over years, I worked on methods to make deadlines my friend (How optimistic! I know).


Sunday in Winter Gardens

As Sunday started I thought how weekends in Aberdeen without a car can be tricky. If you would ask me where would I want to be at this moment in time... I could only answer Mauritius (Girl can dream!). However since I could not go to Mauritius for a weekend I decided to visit something closer to home - the David Welch Winter Gardens in Aberdeen. One of the huge advantages that Mauritius does not offer to me (Yet! Still optimistic!) is that Winter Gardens are located within the city centre so I can walk there. 
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