What can you learn from Heidi Klum?

Stay Positive! And let me know who design this image if you know. Thank you!
Everyone you meet has an impact on you and your life. People have the power to enhance your life and help your self-development by motivating you, or giving you a constructive critique.  What did Heidi said that I believe is worth remembering? 


Five Books to Read in 2016

How does snuggling under fluffy blanket with fascinating book sounds to you? To me it sounds like a perfect winter evening. Especially with delicious tea nearby. Check out what positions I cannot wait to read this year and click on the title to buy them on Amazon. Did you read any of them or should I add anything more to my list?


Aromatherapy At Home - Ultrasonic Diffuser

One of my Aunties has always been someone I have looked up to when it comes to creating well balanced, sophisticated, yet very cosy interior designs. She knows how to change a house into a home. Gorgeous scents at home were one of her secrets helping creating an unforgettable atmosphere. If you have not considered aromatherapy yet keep reading and you will find out more about one of the easiest ways to make your home even more you.


Bloggers Share Successful Resolutions

It is first Monday of a month so as promised here 10 wonderful bloggers finished the sentence: One of my most successful New Year resoulution was... 
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