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It is first Monday of a month so as promised here 10 wonderful bloggers finished the sentence: One of my most successful New Year resoulution was... 
One of my most successful new year resolutions was to hold it together as a mother! I had my daughter in January and I wanted to maintain a happy home and be able to enjoy our mother daughter relationship without becoming too stressed. A year on I feel like I have done my daughter proud and I am so happy I was able to bring this amazing little girl into our lives and the world.
'One of my most successful New Year resolutions was getting a 2:1 at university for my second year. I'm now aiming for a 2:1 across the board and I'm so excited for the future. This achievement put me in an amazing mood and made me feel like any thing's possible.

To travel more! And now I'm in Australia :)
One of my most successful New Years resolution(s) was in 2014 as I made sure I graduated from university with a high 2:1, got out of a toxic relationship with my boyfriend at the time and spent more time putting my happiness first. It was no doubt the best year ever :D xx
Carrying on with my weight loss journey! 
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Alice Anne

One of my most successful new resolutions was starting a new hobby to get me out of the same rut, my new hobby was my blog and I'm celebrating two years this January!

One of my most successful new year resolutions was finding courage to start blogging and becoming healthy. If any pictures are required, you have my permission to use any Instagram photos. 
"don't put too much pressure on yourself and on others" Striving for perfection and expecting the same from others prevents us from being happy with what we have. Constantly working on it but it feels so good accepting myself and others for what we simply are!

My most successful New Years Resolution was starting Violet Roots! I've followed bloggers for ages and I always thought that it would be really cool to have an online space of my own. I let a lot of doubt get in the way and last year I just decided to push all of that aside and go for it. I'm so happy that I took the plunge. I've met so many people through this blog and I and I've been able to interact with like minded people from all over. Previously I would make vague New Years resolutions and this was the first time that I really felt like I knew what I wanted and knew exactly what I needed to do to get there. I've been putting a lot of time into my blog and I'm so happy that I've stuck through it. My blog turns 1 in February and I'm super excited about that!
One of my most successful New Year resolutions was that I would begin & complete some of the renovations to my house! 


My the most successful New Year resolution was to read a book a month in foreign language for a year. It was difficult, dictionary was at the beginning my best friend but every single month my language improved and I started to have pleasure from reading. 

Thank you for participation! If you want to take part in February edition let me know in comments. 

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  1. Reading everyone's new year's resolution and making them a reality is just pure inspiration for 2016. I am very grateful for having been a part of your project IGA Xx

    1. It was a pleasure to get to know you a little bit better. Thank you for visiting me, Iga x

  2. It's really cool to see what everyone else has been planned to do and how they went about it. We all have different journey's and I'm glad I was able to share mine!


    1. It was a real pleasure Violet! Thank you for taking part, Iga x

  3. Thank you so much dear Iga! It was a pleasure to take part to your mini series with other fellow bloggers. Happy New Year darling!!! Ps. Congrats on reading one book per month!!

    1. I was trying my best! And I have to say sticking and fulfilling my resolution from A to Z was one of the greatest experiences. Iga x

  4. What a fantastic post! I loved reading everyone's successes & really enjoyed the way you put them all together. I can't wait to read February's edition. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Hello Tania! I will definitely let you know when February's edition is up! :) Thank you for visiting me, Iga x


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