7×7 Outfit Challenge

Remixable wardrobe for the spring! 

I have been waiting to do a minimalistic challenge for a long time. I wanted to rediscover my wardrobe and create new outfits from what I already have without actually going shopping. Do not get me wrong, shopping would be fantastic but that is not the point of the challenge. However, letting my imagination free like a teen spirit, (I really do not know why I just said that), will let me I spend sometime (that I do not have) picking 7 items from the spring/summer 2016 fashion.

Why 7x7 Challenge? 

There are a few reasons. First of all I am a huge fashion commitaphobe so creating a capsule wardrobe, despite the fact I adore the idea, sounds overwhelming at this point to me. I am committed to quality over quantity but you will find the odd polyester T-shirt with a cheeky message in my wardrobe (worn once but sweet, summer memories do not allow me to say goodbye just yet).     

Also I would not call myself a fashionista. I do have clothes, a full wardrobe reminds me about it everyday, but somehow I do not have outfits. The feeling that everything looks great together in my head and proves to be a disaster for me... I know it too well, especially since taking photos now and then for Instagram (Are we friends there yet?). I am hoping this challenge will help me to improve my lack of creativity in this department.  

Due to the lack of time, I have not manage to do a big spring wardrobe clear out yet so this will be the perfect beginning to see what actually is there!  

I am excited to share with you this 7x7 challenge as I have not touch upon minimalism for quite a while now. I want to pack lighter for my trips but so far when I do that my clothes look really mismatched. Hopefully this challenge will help me to create a nicely coordinated outfits without the need to have hundreds of clothes with me. 

(personal preference to a word: rules)

Pick 7 items of clothing from your wardrobe

Thankfully shoes, accessories, and jewellery do not count. I decided that coats and jackets are not included as well. 

Outfit Ideas:

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*I have not created the challenge, I stumbled across it one, very long Monday evening. Photos sources linked to items' short description.  


  1. Great outfits! I love the Day 2 & 5 ones and and the colours you've used from the floral blouse with the shoes. :)

    1. Shoes are so pretty, aren't they?:)

  2. I loved this post and your outfits so much that you inspired me to try this challenge myself! I'd love if you'd check it out! https://fashionguru2u.wordpress.com/2016/05/01/how-to-create-a-capsule-wardrobe-the-basics/

    1. Awesome, share link to your challenge! I am looking forward to having a look.


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