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Can you believe it that it is April already? This month I asked bloggers when they are the happiest. I am the happiest when I can explore and travel to new and exciting places. I already had a pleasure to explore USA, Iceland, Poland, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy and this year... I am going to discover Thailand! I feel so lucky! Another thing that connects with travel is that now I am able to share it with you! There is nothing better than feedback from someone, who after my suggestion tried something, or decided to visit a new place.

I am the happiest when I am with my family. They make me laugh, they drive me crazy and I love them with all my heart!

 I am happiest when with my 2 children. We recently went on a day out to Longleat and both of them loved it and was lovely spending quality time together. Watching them play together is also special as they are besotted with each other (at the moment lol) xxx

Wandering through the ancient ruins in Italy makes me extremely happy. I guess to some that might sound a little strange, but it's an unbelievable feeling. As amazing as the statues and buildings are that have survived, I love wandering through the streets - in and out each building - imaging what it must have been like to live there. I've studied Classical Civilisation and Latin for 19 years and I'm fascinated by this time period. I use my photographs to try and inspire other students but there is honestly nothing like experiencing the emotion these ruins hold for yourself. The above photo is one of my favourite at Herculaneum and I love the simplicity. There is no other site as well preserved as this one and it is one of my favourite places in the world - I love it.


I am the happiest, when I am with my mum having lots of fun and creating lots of memories in the process. As she has been my biggest supporter and always motivated me in life to go out and chase my dreams.

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