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10 most interesting articles I had the chance to find last month. 
Image Source: Trainsmartinc

Break the ice and start conversation! 100 questions, that will help you when there is nothing else you can think of to talk about (here).  
Image Credit: Giovanni Allievi 

Is there anything better than finding travel inspiration in one place? Boredpanda.com suggests (here) 40 picture perfect places, which definitely are making my inner wanderlust go and check flight prices. Holidays, anyone?
Illustration by: Judith Carnaby

Evaluating illustration aesthetically by Jaleen Grove (here) touches upon intertextual context of illustration, history, and other factors affecting illustration.  
Image Credit: Craig Hanson
Are you starting your photography journey? These 10 easy tips (here) will definitely be helpful, especially if you are a beginner. Check out what including shutter speed, aperture, iso speed and flash have been used for each photo. I have found it very helpful and easy to understand.   

Illustration by: Yang Liu from Man meet woman
Yang Liu and his perception of simple differences between man and women (here). I do not agree with some of them but generally speaking Yang observations are very accurate.  
Image Credit: CallaInMotion

Five reasons to take your workout outside (here), very short and to the point article. Number 4 is definitely something I had the chance to notice myself. As a bonus I discovered CallInMotion as the used photo above from this website.

Were you ever wondering how to be more likeable? Article (here) will not only tell you how but also give you a lot of various links for further interesting reads. Before I knew it, I was so into reading them all, that I lost track of time. Unfortunately that makes layout a little bit messy.   

Image Source: Into-mind
30 day minimalism challenge I am looking forward to do in July (here). Another minimalism challenge I took part in: 7x7 Outfit Challenge.   
Image Credit: Visual
Are you an overseer as Hilary Clinton, supporter as Penelope Cruz, examiner as George Washington, or defender as Kate Middleton? You can take test (here) and read article (here).  

100 things that can improve your mood (here). Sushi is always a good idea! Unless of course you have something against raw fish.  
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