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Naked Soup Glasgow Review

This summer I have decided to rediscover Scotland and sometime ago I visited Glasgow. On my way back from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and the HunterianMuseum and Art Gallery, my feet were literally killing me and I could hear my tummy rumbling. However, since I knew that later on during the day I was going to have a dinner date at Grand Central Hotel, where I stayed during the duration of my trip, I wanted a light, enjoyable bite. I thought that soup would be ideal, since it is light and filling, and most of all warm. Glasgow was definitely spoiling me with its sunny weather and clear sky, but a cheeky cold wind was still giving me goose bumps.
Menu Naked Soup Glasgow
I spotted Naked Soup, roughly two minutes away from the Botanical Gardens, on 6 Kersland Street, Glasgow G12 8BL. From the outside Naked Soup looks very inviting, especially with their lunchtime deal, which includes soup, sandwich, fruit and drink for less than £6. If this was not convincing enough the seats outside in the sun were too tempting not to stop by. I expected bold flavours, enjoyable, hand made sandwiches, decent coffee and warm soups. Naked Soup’s interior design is clean, minimalistic, and fresh.
Soup Sandwich Naked Soup Glasgow
I really try my best not to eat bread. However, I just could not resist the amazing lunchtime deal and the crispiness of their bread. If there is one thing I might be ever so slightly addicted to, it is going to be wonderful, ideally hand made, bread with crispy crust. I went for Chicken, Mild Cheddar, Thai Green Curry Mayo and Rocket Sandwich. The bread was fabulously crispy, just as I love, and fresh. The sandwich had a decent amount of ingredients inside, which is a big advantage for me. 
Green Thai Soup Naked Soup Glasgow
I feel robbed when I order Chicken Sandwich and I receive bread with the tiniest bit of chicken inside. I am one of those people who open their sandwich up to see how much of what there is and rearrange it a bit. This is especially true when a café has been very stingy, to pretend that I did not just eat bread with one sad piece of lettuce on it. This is just a pure disappointment and robbery in plain of day. Thankfully, Naked Soup has its priorities right and when they say this is a Chicken Sandwich, they deliver exactly what they promise. My lunch partner can sometimes be an enormous copy cat, so obviously we had exactly the same type of sandwich. Cute Couple Goals? I don’t think so. 
Green Thai Soup Naked Soup Glasgow
After looking at their soups of a day, I knew that Thai Green Spinach is something I really wanted to try. My lovely company decided to stop copying my food choices and went for a thick Spanish Chorizo and Kidney Bean soup. Both were tasty but I did have a small amount of food envy. I would really love if the Thai Green Spinach soup would be as thick as the Spanish Chorizo soup. 
Coffee Time
The best part about Naked Soup, on top of siting outside and having the sun warming up our faces and backs, is the decent food portions, tasty soups, and lack of stinginess when it comes to sandwich fillings. Simple, down-to-earth, satisfying lunch on the doorstep of Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens, and not so far from Glasgow University. 
Naked Soup Glasgow Tomato Soup
What is your favourite lunch spot? Soup for lunch, yes or no?
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  1. Yummy, this looks so delicious, it's a perfect light lunch! :)

    xx, Matea

    1. And not too pricey! I am definitely going to be back for more. Love, Iga x

  2. Looks delicious! Gemma x

    1. Soup was exactly what I needed! Love, Iga x

  3. This place looks and sounds absolutely amazing!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. It has a really positive vibe! Love, Iga x


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