5 Movies To Watch This Summer

Sometimes summer in Aberdeen do not spoil with sunny weather. However temperature is still perfect to sit with a cup of tea with my friends in their conservatory or balcony and watch movies together. If you have not seen my favourite movies below give them a chance and let me know what you think.  
Uplifting Movies
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Monda Lisa Smile
1h 57m
Julia Roberts is very inspiring and the ending could not be more uplifting than that. I really like how realistic characters are and the fiery conflict between two main characters, which results in both of them growing up. This conflict reminds me of myself and one of my teachers pushing me to the edge. From time perspective I can say that this definitely shaped me as a person.
What to watch
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Silver Linings Playbook
2h 2m
Could I like more Tiffany for who she is? Probably not! Movie is at times rather depressing yet witty dialogues make it very entertaining, and the equilibrium...  One of the best romantic movies involving dance, without being to cliche. I am not sure what I prefer the most witty comments, Tiffany or angry yet sexy Bradley Cooper.
Funny Movies
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1h 48m
I do have a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds since Sabrina The Teenage Witch, but I was not convinced antihero movie would be something I want to watch. However, I was stuck on a plane without much choice so it was either this or Kung Fu Panda 3, which I already watched a few weeks before. Deadpool is cheeky, easy to follow and extremely funny. Something I am definitely going to watch again in a year or two. 
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The Other Woman
Romantic Comedy
1h 49m
Three different women planning revenge on one man, who betrayed them. Smart and cute housewife,  level headed businesswoman, and beautiful but not so smart Amber with other assets.   
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Uplifting Romantic Movies
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500 Days Of Summer
Drama/Romantic Comedy
1h 37m
This list would not be completed without 500 Days Of Summer with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I was not convinced at first when all of my friends loved it and used it as an example during Film Theory module. However I had a chance to watch it during my flight from Aberdeen to Bangkok and I can honestly say I did not know what I was missing!   
What else should I watch this summer? Any suggestions?  

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  1. I haven't watched any of these before, but I quite fancy watching Deadpool. I didn't know Ryan Reynolds had been in Sabrina The Teenage Witch! I think I first remember seeing him in "2 Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place".

    1. I have not seen '2 Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place', I will have a look! Yeah, I was surprised too so I had to double check myself!

  2. I love Brooklyn with Saoirse Ronan - just watched it and it's so heartwarming :)) xxx

    1. I have to have a look, I need something heartwarming today! It's so rainy and grey in Aberdeen! x

  3. I have yet to watch deadpool, definitely want to save it for a indoors day :)
    Kathy x

    1. It's so funny! Let me know if you like it!

  4. OMG should definitely start watching 500 days of summer as I've always wanted to and this is the right time to check it out XD

    1. Let me know what you think about it! I was not convinced a few years ago but I have to say it is a very good movie!


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