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Do you like to stay in luxury hotels, such as the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow? I know, that I do! The perks of falling asleep and waking up in a cosy, crispy, clean bed with; having a beautiful view after a hot bath with wonderfully smelling bath foam… Yes please! I loved my stay at the Grand Central Hotel, you can read more about it here. Luxuries like ridiculously cosy beds are things that definitely affect my accommodation choice. Sadly, it brings with it and extra price; thankfully there are ways to book your dream accommodation for cheaper.

My search from 30.06.2016 via Kayak shows and compares prices for a double room in five stars hotels in Paris from 24.06.2017 to 25.06.2017 

By comparing prices from various online travel agencies, e.g. Expedia, with the use of metasearch engine such as Trivago or Kayak, you can usually find hidden deals and rates. They will show you who offer the best deal for the hotel, have a look at photo above.

Sign up for a hotel’s newsletter, The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow offers 10% off for subscribing and they are not the only one offering this. When you book through online travel agencies, such as booking.com, hotels are required to pay provision for the 'service', therefore it is logical that hotels would want you to book through their own websites. Calling a hotel is also a good idea for potential offers.

Another way is to check websites that offer luxury hotels deals such as: SecretEscapes, Jetsetter, and Splendia.

Fancy a weekend break at Ritz in London? 

Special Package

Visit a hotel’s website rather than going through the online travel agencies for special packages. Very often it is cheaper to pay for the full package, especially when you are looking for the wow factor. As an example, The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow offers a Romantic Break in Glasgow package which includes a one night stay for two with a full breakfast, a bottle of house wine, chocolate dipped strawberries, bathrobes and slippers. The Ritz also offers weekend breaks, package for families, stays for longer and more. 

Cancellation Policy

Hotel prices fluctuant and change very often, sometimes daily. Therefore, it is in your best interest to book a room that has a free cancelation policy. This was one of the mistakes I made during my trip to Thailand. I booked a lovely superior room in a four star hotel a few months in advance, the price seemed unbeatable. What happened? The room became over £50 cheaper two days before my arrival date. I could have cancelled and rebook but it was a non cancellable reservation so I would have been charged the full cost of my visit. My bad.

Last Minute

Another way to try and find a bargain is booking last minute. A search on booking.com from 30th July 2016 shows 55% off for a Mercure hotel for the day after. It can be quite risky as sometimes good hotels are already fully booked. It is up to you to decide how much you want to stay in a particular hotel. Hence my early hotel booking in Thailand.

Flexible Dates

Rooms during the weekends, on bank holidays, or big events such as BeyoncĂ© concert tend to be more expensive than during average days. Similarly during high season, prices will go up considerably especially in popular destinations. As you can see on the screen shot above, price for a room in the Grand Mark Prague hotel is almost double for a Grand Deluxe Double closer to June than at the end of February. 

What are your ways to book a luxury hotel and not ruining your account?
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  1. Wow that hotel room looks absolutely gorgeous! Such a good post with great tips, thanks for sharing xx

    Ciara Rose | www.ciara-rose.com | Bloglovin’

    1. Pleasure, always happy to share! Thank you for visit! x

  2. I've got to book a hotel room for a work placement soon, so this has come in really handy! Thanks for the fantastic tips! x


    1. I am glad Katie! Let me know if you managed to find the best deal for yourself! Enjoy your work placement too!


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