What to Pack For Thailand?

You have decided to travel to Thailand! Your vaccines are up to date, and lights were booked ages ago, your phone does not have a simlock, and you are excited and cannot wait to go! Awesome, I had a fantastic time traveling around this beautiful country and I am sure so will you! I would love to share a few tips with you, which will make your trip easier, more budget friendly, and luggage lighter. I packed all my clothes, medicines, toiletries, shoes, laptop, and camera in my ACT Lite 35 + 10 SL Deuter Trekking backpack.

There are various things that are very useful to have with you in Thailand. However, some of them can be bought there when they are needed. Nevertheless, I would not leave without having a few things with me already for a great, stress free first night in Thailand. Running around at night like a headless chicken in search for mosquito repellant as well as finding a taxi with a meter reader, and searching for a hotel; does this sound like you? Why would you add the extra stress if you do not have to?  

Before you pack make sure you have items from the list below, as well as your standard kit such as shoes, underwear, clothes, toiletries, phone, camera, memory cards:

Some hotels have English sockets but it is better to be safe than sorry, and charge your phone straight away after a flight to let your friends and family know that you are safe.

I used the strongest spray from Jungle Formula and it worked very well. Two 90 ml bottles were not enough for 2 people for 3 weeks. More realistically 2 bottles per person would have been ideal; do not be shy with spraying yourself! It smells but mosquitos mastered the art of finding exposed, spray free skin. 

Chiang Mai was very cloudy and grey during my first day in Thailand. Have a guess who did not use a suncare lotion and got badly burnt? Always protect your skin even if the sun is hiding.

Although you can buy cheapl Aloe Vera lotions there for around 100 Baht, I am not convinced they worked quite as well. Be prepared just incase.

Despite being rather pricy, Compeed is the brand of my choice as their plasters stay for a really long time and help blisters heal.

Always clean your hands prior to eating or spend the next few days in a toilet, I am not even joking.

Perfect to clean your hands after having street food. Removes any stickiness

Coral Reefs are sharper than you think! They can be hard to spot and will hurt if you kick one.

Second Photo ID
You never know what might happen. I aways take a photo of my IDs, then I save and send them to my email so I have them as proof.

Any medications you take

Travel Documents

Thankfully, I did not have an issue but when you do need it, you really want to stay hydrated and have something to help you ASAP.

Again for tummy issues and hangovers.

Things that you can take with you, but do not always have to:

Mosquito Bite Relief Spray or Cream

You can never be too safe. It is better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them.

What I would leave at home and buy in Thailand?

Washing your clothes in Thailand does not cost much, so I would suggest skipping washing liquids. Instead taking more sun care, and mosquito repellent products is a good idea, as they are often pricier in Thailand than in the United Kingdom.

Taking soap instead of shower gels gives more space in those tiny transparent bag, where all of the liquids should fit. More Jungle Formula, you will need it! This is also true for stick deodorant, they also do not have to go into the transparent liquids bag.

If you forgot something, do not worry at all. You can buy most of the things, if not all, with minimal effort. Just look out for Boots, 7 Eleven, or any local mini supermarket chain, or a pharmacy.

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