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Aren't Sundays perfect to have a little bit of a slower day, resting in a hammock and having a good read? Sundays' were made for catching up with a good book, don't you think? Grab your watermelon juice, sit comfortably and check out all of the creative, interesting, and sometimes funny articles and blog posts I have had a chance to find in the last few days. 
Invoking The Spirit Of Adventure
 by Psychologies
Juliet Davey shares her observation and perspective on taking chances, achieving dreams, and pushing boundaries. 
10 Things You Need To Learn To Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams 
by Jinna*
Honest tips from Jinna, who not only went traveling after the loss of a loved one but also developed as a person during her travels. Her inspiring story is something that will definitely uplift you during the grey days that we all have time to time.
How To Manage Track And Make Money With Sponsors 
by Helene
Helene shares her straightforward advice, including a list of ad networks, which is worth considering when you are thinking of increasing the financial potential of your website. As always Helene goes the extra mile and adds a free sponsor tracker.
White Beach House In South Africa*
Something for interior design lovers. Beautifully designed white beach house, which makes me want to take my shoes off, find the best summer dress ever, and explore it with a cold margarita in my hand. How I wish I could go there right now and enjoy the views! As they say, minimum colour and maximum style!  
I Spy DIY Studio Pink Colorblock Sitting Space*
Thinking of a bold and fun colour combination in your home? Look no further! Read how to easily add a splash of bubblegum and razzberry. No need to spend hundreds for a painter if you can do it yourself!

A very quick read for everyone who wants to learn more, not only about minimalism, about how to create more a ethical closet. Anuschka also share ethical fashion brands worth your attention, check it out in her other articles here.

I am always interested in what fellow bloggers wear, especially while traveling. I was extremely excited to see Emily's wardrobe, which has a natural and very stylish colour palette. Her wardrobe remains very comfortable yet eye catching. I could definitely learn from Emily after I have failed the 7x7 fashion challenge, any suggestions are always welcomed! 

  The Surprising Things You Have Never Wanted To Know About Love
by Madeleine
What does research and academics say about love? Does love really make us dumb? What is the Love Hormone and how does it work? 
What did you read this week? Or maybe you want to share one of your blog posts? Leave your links in the comments and I will visit them as always and drop you a few words too! Don't forget to say Hi at Instagram and Twitter!

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