Hotels in Thailand. Where did I stay?

Yindee Stylish Guesthouse 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

First stop Chiang Mai! The Yindee Stylish Guesthouse is located in a very comfortable location within Old Town. It is very close to temples, Zoe Yellow (party spot), and an extremely exciting Sunday market. The Guesthouse welcomes you with an appealing, quiet, open plan reception, where in the mornings you can grab tea, coffee, and a banana. 
Although the room itself is very basic, it is clean and presentable. I liked how minimalistic everything was and free Wi-Fi is always a bonus. Air conditioning worked very well however, it was placed straight onto my side of a bed so sometimes I did get a bit cold; most of the nights I just switched it off. Unfortunately the room I stayed in did not have fridge. One of the simplest pleasures in Thailand for me was having cold water, so it was definitely a disadvantage for me.  
The bathroom needs some work and updating, but it was useable and clean. I would recommend having flip-flops, and toiletries as the one supplied were not the best quality. 

The Yindee Stylish Guesthouse is great if you are looking for a clean, budget stay in the heart of Chiang Mai.  For me it was a perfect base for trips and sightseeing. If you are looking for a relaxing, luxury stay rather than a place you return at night, this might not be your dream hotel. 

Address: 15/1 Soi 2, Rajchawithi Rd. | Sriphum, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Next stop Phuket! This time I was looking for a more luxurious resort, were I could relax, enjoy the sun, and sit in the swimming pool with delicious cocktails, preferably pink, in my hand. The reception at Chanalai Garden Resort looks very presentable.
Although the room was not ready when I arrived during the check in, I was offered a refreshing drink and a cold towel to cool myself, which was a very nice touch. Wi-Fi works best at the pool or reception; I experienced slight issues with connecting from my room.
The room itself was exactly what I was looking for at this point in time, spotless and spacious. This was the only hotel with mosquito repellent in the general mini bar, which was very considerate as mosquitos are very aggressive in Phuket during nights.
Big bath, cute face towels folded into bunnies, and white big towels! Due to the price I would expect better quality toiletries rather than wall mounted plastic boxes, which housekeeping would top up from time to time; body lotion would be great too. I was unsure at first about the window in the bathroom but I quickly appreciated long evenings in the bath with champagne, while watching sunsets. Could life get any better?
Address: 247 Kata Road, Kata Beach, Kata Beach, Karon, Phuket 83100, Thailand

PP Princess Resort was, quite frankly, a let down due to their plumping using salty water. It was not the first choice. For some unknown reasons the originally selected hotel could not accommodate us, so we were forced to book elsewhere and this was one of the suggestions.
After seeing photos of PP Princess Resort’s rooms on their website I had a very good feeling about it. On this occasion I was exceptionally wrong. This hotel was not only overpriced, but quote frankly dirty. Sleeping was impossible due to the noise from all the bars in the area being so loud and the room’s doors have a 2 cm gap between them and frame. Not mentioning salty water from the taps and shower.
Beautiful photos from the website represent a very small part of the resort, which is still under construction. I would say how the hotel presents itself online is very misleading to what you really get for your money.
The biggest advantage of the resort is the delicious breakfast eaten outdoors, which again you have to walk to for around 10 minutes. There also is an infinity pool, near the breakfast area, which in my opinion was nothing special.

 Address: 103 Moo 7, Ko Phi Phi Don 81000, Thailand

Fourth stop was Krabi. Krabi Front Bay Hotel is a unique Muslim hotel in a quiet neighbourhood. It was my first experienced in a Halal resort. Truth to be told I did not know it was a Muslim ran hotel until I arrived.

I noticed three things different to non-Muslim hotels:

1. In the corner of the bedroom I noticed a little arrow pointing out the direction for prayers.
2. No alcohol was allowed, but they do serve delicious mocktails! 
3. Sign for the female toilet represents woman in modest Muslim clothing rather than usual triangle symbolising dress. 

Reception is a grand open plan area and during check-in I was again welcomed with a cold drink and a towel to wipe my hands. Polite staff explained to me that there is a minivan running a free shuttle service at selected times to the city centre and back, which was very helpful as the hotel is a 15 minute drive away. Female staff wore beautiful, immaculate uniform.
Their bathrooms were the cleanest one out of all of the hotels I stayed in throughout Thailand. Toiletries had a beautiful oriental smell, and the shower was an absolute pleasure!    
The room I stayed in was easily the biggest and freshest one I have ever stayed. 
Swimming pool was dirt-free and since I was there after the high season I felt very comfortable being in my bikini. I did not feel judged, or inappropriate. 

Breakfast were very tasty and I made sure to eat lots of delicious pancakes. It was a great opportunity to speak with staff, who are happy to answer any questions.

I felt for what the hotel offers, the charged price is very reasonable and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a peaceful spot with a lovely green area.

Address: 140/1 Moo 7, Tambon Saithai, Krabi Town, Krabi

Final stop was Bangkok! The romantic Chillax Hotel which has an infinity pool, free and fast Wi-Fi, and a pretty awesome spa. The hotel is around 10 minutes walk from the busy Khao San Road and various temples.  
Pricy but worth it! Beautiful, quiet rooms and an infinity pool on the rooftop were perfect to finish my trip on a great note. Perfect hotel to stay if you are looking for more romantic, luxurious place in Bangkok.

 Breakfast was quite expensive in my opinion, so I decided against it. Especially since there was a 7 Eleven just a minute away and the fridge in my room was big enough to store food as well as water.
The great touch about the hotel was the generous amount of toiletries, which were topped up on a daily basis and free bottled water. I could not forget private Jacuzzi!
I will be back!

 Address: 274 Samsen Soi 2 Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand



  1. I'd definitely choose the last one, it sounds great and who could resist an infinity pool! :)


    1. The one in Bangkok was fantastic! Perfect if you want a bit more luxurious and romantic time in the capitol. Iga

  2. I stayed at the Krabi Front Bay Resort myself, such a wonderful experience. I'm glad you mention it here.

    1. Hi Frank, it's really tranquil isn't it? Did you have a chance to try restaurant too?

  3. I love your pictures!! I'm so jealous, It seems like you travel A LOT lol. I love the Kraby Front Bay Hotel 😍


    1. Hey Nikki, travelling can be cheaper than you think! Check out my budget suggestions, pick a destination, book a ticket and travel! Who knows we might meet somewhere along the way! Best wishes, Iga x

  4. Lovely photos! I wish I got to travel more, I am so jealous! x


    1. Hello Holly, thank you so much! My aim is to inspire you to book your next travel asap ;) x

  5. Wow the majority of these hotels are amazing!! You're making me want to go to Thailand! (not PP Princess tho)! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. Hahaha well now at least people will know what really is waiting for them there rather than what is promised xxx

  6. Hotels in Thailand are so cheap for the standing ! Love it !
    Your picture from behind is sooo beautiful honey !

    1. Thank you Aurelie! That's true it is cheaper than USA and UK but sometimes it is also reflected in standard. I never went very, very cheap becasue I was not sure how much of a comfort I am willing to sacrifice. Thank you so much for a lovely compliment! x

  7. I love the bunny towels! But I also am not a fan of the wall mounted "shower gel shampoo" - blah to that hotels, they are getting so cheap (while saying it's environmentally friendly so you feel bad complaining but I don't care, there is no such thing as shampoo shower gel! ;-0). Some very lovely hotels though, the Chillax looks amazing!! xx

    1. They are so cute, aren't they? Shower/gel/shampoo is really a little bit out of place in hotels, which advertise themselves as luxurious. There is nothing luxurious about products that dry out skin and let's be honest... How often are the wall mounted boxes clean properly with a bleach to kill bacteria and how do we know someone before did not decide to put something nasty inside? Nope, not luxurious. ;) x

  8. Very interesting post! I was very intrigued by the Muslim hotel aspect. I am Indian but still had never heard of a concept of a Muslim hotel! You learn so many new things while travelling! I love Thailand and looks like you covered quite a bit of it!


    1. I did not expect to come across Muslim hotel too. Although we booked it as it was a great deal and hotel look amazing, I am really glad I had a chance to stay there. Krabi Hotel is the cleanest, most tranquil hotel of them all.

  9. I absolutely love (and appreciate) this post! I am hoping to go to Thailand very soon, so this really helps me when it comes to finding a good place to stay. Travelling to a foreign country can be pretty scary!

    1. You will have an incredible time! Let me know where you are going. I am always happy to help. Remember to have phone number to embassy. Iga x


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