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Not many people know that I actually do have a driving license, and for quite a while now. People would be excused for thinking I don’t because the last time I sat behind the wheel was during my driving test. My driving lessons were, quite frankly, a nightmare so I am not at all surprised by my lack of desire to do it all over again now.  

Driving is not something I dislike but I do have a strong memory of a very red tomato like face of my instructor. He began shouting at me for taking the second right hand turn instead of the first one, which I quite honestly did not see. I was young, shy and inexperienced. If it was today, I would have asked for a full refund because I do not pay money to be shouted at. I paid the instructor to teach me how to properly drive, and explained calmly which areas of my driving needed improving upon.

Because of my previous experience I am now dreading the thought of getting back behind a wheel to relearn how to drive on the left hand side of the road. Thankfully there are websites such as Book Learn and Pass that now help you to book experienced instructors, as well as share the best tips to pass the driving exam.

I have created a list of helpful tips on how to pick the right driving instructor for myself in the future.

DSA Approved

First and foremost it has to be instructor that has been approved by DSA, this is easy to find here. It is also very important for me to be confident in what I am being taught, it has to be up to the best date and of a high standard. This is because when I will be driving I am not only responsible for my loved ones, but also for everyone around me and myself. I do not want to pick up bad habits from the beginning of my driving journey.


Another significant factor is the reputation of the instructor. I do not really mind if my future instructor is from a driving school or works independently. I want to know that the similar situation from my past experience, which I described at the beginning, will not happen again. This time I would definitely not just sit there and listen to an old man shouting in my ear.


Since I am the one paying per hour for lessons, reliability and punctuality is the next major factor that will affect my choice. As you are paying a relatively large amount of money for lessons, and since I am required to be at work on time I expect exactly the same from driving instructor. They are being paid for their time, and as such must be strict with it.


That is a personal preference but I want to sit in a clean, well maintained car. I am not a smoker so sitting for an hour in a car that smells like an ashtray is not something I want to pay for.


I am a rather organized person and I expect the instructor to be prepared and have a lesson plan. My previous instructor would just direct me aimlessly and chaotically around the city. I did not get the chance to practice anywhere near enough of the basic driving maneuvers, such as parking, steering and breaking techniques and as well as many more.

What else would you suggest to look out for when picking the right driving instructor? Do you enjoy driving?

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  1. Oh wow! Reading the first part of your post was hearing myself talk! Had exactly the same experience! Haven't been behind the wheel since (three years ago now). But I did switch instructors midway because I couldn't deal with the agression and it definitely left it's mark.
    So kids, get to know your instructor first, have a look at his car and don't choose him because that's where your best friend went!!

    1. In some respects I am glad that I had this experience as now I am way stricter with where and for what I am paying. I am also not afraid to speak up anymore! It was a learning curve, a rather unpleasant one I must admit but it was much needed for me to grow up and develop to who I am right now. I am really sorry to hear that this was also your experience! It's unbelievable how people just assume you will stick to the end and do not say anything. I am sure that you will be back on the roads in no time!

  2. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


    1. Thank you so much Irene? Are you also a driver? If you are, how did you pick your driving instructor?

  3. great blog and post! learning to drive was the hardest thing for me xo


    1. I am afraid I will have to relearn how to drive and regain confidence!


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