Wedding at home or abroad?

As you know I am engaged! Of course one of the first questions I asked myself was should we get married at home or abroad? My heart screamed Italy, my bank account screamed I don’t think so, and my fiancĂ© asked How are we going to do this?

How to decide where should you tied the knot?

Touch base with your partner, what is the dream wedding you both want. When I am at any party and there is a garden or terrace that is the place where more often you will find me. I love gardens, being outdoors, and flowers. A few years ago when we met he mentioned a few times the idea of a wedding on the beach. That sounded great but…

How important is the weather to make your dream wedding a reality?

…we live in Aberdeen, green but rainy Scotland. Idea of a beach wedding is a dreamy one but we could not make it happen without too much of a risk. Weather is just too unpredictable. As I am writing this we have 25 degrees Celsius yet a day ago it was raining.   

Therefore being realistic about the weather and wedding scenario is another factor I suggest considering. It is a little bit like dreaming of a white, snowy wedding and picking the date during summer. Talking about summer, I am definitely a summertime kinda girl so it has to be a spring or summer wedding.

Who can come and whom would you like to come?

If at the moment you do not own your private jet yet to fly your friends over consider this before choosing a destination abroad. I am not encouraging you to sit in someone else’s pocket but not everyone will want to or simply be able to travel far. Reasons can be different from time, money to boss being incredibly uncooperative and not signing off holidays.     

On this occasion my private jet is going to be still in the world of my imagination. I knew that there are a few people I want desperately to come and would never in hundred years want my wedding day without their support, and presence. Therefore considering my budget, I knew that as much as a beach wedding on a tropical island sounds incredible, it is not realistic. I could not imagine getting married there without certain people and not even a luxurious, private, tropical island would make up if they could not join me.   

What is your budget?

Since we established that I do not own a private jet work in progress, unfortunately it also meant that now is the time to think of about the budget. Knowing how much you are able to spend on an event is crucial for making the decision. As they say you cannot get water out of a stone.

Do you speak the language?

Planning a wedding alone in a different language, if you are not a fluent speaker it can be not only daunting but also difficult. If you are sure that you do not want to hire a wedding planner make sure you feel confident in your ability to communicate clearly. Quite frankly I do not speak Italian as much as I am talking about how I want to learn, I would not dare to organise my wedding hoping that they will speak English. Also the best deals you can get if you know how to ask. Local people can be often in a better position to get a better deal as spoken word is the best advertisement. How likely are your friends to go to the same venue abroad? Not too likely and the businesses know it. 

What are legal restrictions?

Sometimes you will have to provide official translator and documents before your wedding. Various countries have different requirements. Check beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises and not to stretch your budget too much! Some documents have to be renewed as they are valid only for set periods of time e.g. for three months.

Where would you like to get married? 

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  1. I was in a similar position to you: wanted a sunny destination wedding but it would have meant older guests couldn't fly out. So we've gone for an outdoor wedding next July in the UK and hoping the weather's good!


    1. Fingers crossed! I am sure you will have a beautiful weather! With my luck I would not be surprised if even in Maldives I would have a thunderstorm, just think of all of the ace photos if that would happen!

  2. I would have liked to get married under a huge flowering apple tree... but no-one was crazy enough to take the chance on me ;) Are there any romantic ruins in Aberdeenshire surrounded by trees where you could have a small marquee on hand incase the Scottish spring/summer weather changes suddenly? Many best wishes.

    1. I am sure I could organise something in Scotland that would suit our requirements but I am not the best person to pick when it comes with coping with cold temperatures. Therefore we decided to go ahead with wedding abroad!

  3. I've been to 2 weddings abroad and they were beautiful!! I'm not in a position to get married right now but I would consider both options for sure .

    Leah x

    1. Where did you go? What did you like the most about it? Please tell me more, any tips are much needed! x

  4. Oooh this is SO exciting Iga! I think I have many years before I become a fiance, but I have been to a few weddings this year that have really inspired me for mine. One was in a massive barn in the countryside (AMAZE) and the other was a full blown festival wedding over a weekend, it was So incredible and chilled out. Abroad would be amazing but I reckon I will end up having a country one then jet off somewhere dreamy on the honeymoon! Immy x


    1. Where would you jet off for the honeymoon? I considered wedding in a barn but because of its size I decided against it. We are going for small, intimate wedding so we would not be able to fill the space. I think barn is great for bigger weddings and I hope I will be invited to one.

  5. So so so excited to find out where it will happen!

  6. I had my wedding on the Amalfi coast in Italy this year and it was the best decision I have ever made. Although, for all brides-to-be thinking a destination wedding in a hot country means good weather - think again. It rained on the morning of our big day, luckily though our ceremony wasn't until the afternoon and it cleared up by then.

    I'd definitely recommend getting a wedding planner if you do decide on Italy as there's a LOT to consider with paperwork and that. Our wedding planner was fantastic and I honestly didn't need to worry about anything as him and his team have weddings down to a fine art.

    Oh and if you like the sound of a garden for a ceremony, Ravello's town hall garden can't be beat. The views are insane and omg I just want to do it all over again tomorrow. x


    1. I can imagine how wonderful your wedding was! Exactly something I would love: garden wedding, sun, and fantastic scenery. I am so glad that the sky brighten and cleared up for your special day!

  7. I got married abroad and the whole thing including the two week break in paradise cost less than my venue in Aberdeenshire! How crazy is that. By getting married abroad we saved around 12k :-O. The thing is though that we got married alone, just the two of us-which was perfect for us but I understand some wouldn't want no guests. We did have a small reception when we got home which meant family could share in the fun and I got to wear my dress again haha xx

    1. Sounds so lovely! Where did you go to? I have to say that wedding industry in UK and especially in big cities is really pushing financial boundaries. Iga x


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