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I lie when I say these are my autumn essentials - they are my year long essentials. However, now they just happen to fit with the season. My faded brown combats - they make any outfit I have on just that much more dramatic and autumnal. I honestly cannot wait to watch them meld with the fallen leaves. My trusty corduroy jacket - I now get to throw it on to any outfit, whether girly white dress, or vintage sweater, and voila! I am autumnal. Also, it's really comfy. My mugs. I have an unhealthy obsession with mugs, and it only worsens when fall kicks in. This one has a typewriter on it - that's why I like it better than anyone else. (Don't tell them I told you that ;).
My must have Autumn essentials are  thick blanket scarfs, cosy knitted jumpers, knitted beanies and some amazing smelling candles. I can't live without these four items x
my autumn essentials 🍂 coffee , oversized cosy scarf , and my makeup essential , the berry lipstick ☕️💄🍁🍃
Hey Iga Berry. My number one Autumn Essential is a nice chunky scarf. I couldn't survive the chilly weather without them. ❤
Thank you for asking me to join in on this. My Autumn essentials are scarves, warm socks and slippers. I hate having cold feet when the weather starts changing especially in England so these are a must for me and a good knitted scarf is just perfect for that cosy warm feeling when your out and about. 🍁❄

Here's my response: My must-have autumn essentials are my infinity scarves! They look & feel so comfy, making them the perfect accessory.

Thank you for taking part! Warm, cosy scarves are one of my autumn essentials too! I could not imagine myself without one around my neck during colder seasons. Plus chunky angle boots, perfect for rainy weather in Aberdeen. 

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If I could be a Disney character, I would be Princess Tiana because she makes things happen.

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  1. Scarves are definitely my go to during Autumn
    Kathy x

    1. Absolutely! I love scarf I received from Part Two during the event at Hamish Munro. It was totally coincidental but my goodie bag had perfect, cosy scarf in dirty pink. My favourite! x

  2. beautiful post! Thank you so much for allowing me to take part! Love seeing my photo up here, and I love seeing other people's essentials as well. Because I'm, nosy like that.


    1. I already told you but I wills ay it again! Your photo is AMAZING! <3

  3. Love this post. Such a lovely idea! And blanket scarves are my autumn essential too!

    Love, Kerstin

  4. Great picks, I need more Autumn in my life.


  5. lovely post and yes scarfs are always essential, even on cooler summer nights.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Absolutely! Scarf makes everything so much cosier.

  6. Scarves are definitely my fave accessory for the Autumn & Winter months, I have far too many but I love them all. Wolly hats are also never far from my head and candles are always on every night during these seasons too.
    Great blog post Iga

    A Mom's World

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! Hats with fluffy pompons are great! Keeping it cosy, warm, and comfy at all times.

  7. Live in my boots as well! It's just more acceptable in fall. ;)
    Ashleigh | Mermaid on the Move

    1. Absolutely! I got quite a good deal in Tiki Maxx <3 I found gorgeous black boots and for a change they were my size! x


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