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I have already shared how I declutter my digital blogging life on Bloglovin. Today I am continuing the series and talking about Twitter. It is funny how previously I was looking at people with a following of a few thousand and thinking that it will take me years before I get there. What I failed to notice was how many people they actually followed themselves. Quite often it is a very similar or higher number to the number that follows them. After decluttering Bloglovin I was more cautious and started to ask questions what is the real value of the number of followers they have? If I was a brand would I really be impressed with someone who has 5k followers but follows 9k?

Decluttering Social Media - Twitter

Over a year ago I had a good look at my own Twitter. I noticed that I really do not interact that much. My number of followers was growing but so was the number of people I follow. Once again I noticed the pattern, which honestly did not indicate that my Twitter and content was interesting. Instead it just shown that I am good and quick enough in following back. I thought that I was being nice, that this might be the way to start a conversation. I was wrong, once again I fallen into a trap of being a number.

How did I decide who should I unfollow?

Over the course of three days I used various tools such as Tweepdash to check whom I follow and who is not following me. Some people have a very odd, and from the marketing point of view, annoying strategy of following and unfollowing people to have a bigger ratio between followers and followed. Patiently I went to check each of the Twitter accounts that was not following me and ask myself a question whether I wanted to stay in touch and spark a conversation? If the answer was yes I twitted them. I would ask them something directly either relevant to their latest twit, post or something they know about. Consequently if they were interested in interaction I would continue following them because I do not really mind if they do not follow me. I totally understand if my twits, posts, or images are not what they are interested in. What I do mind is if they are open to a dialogue with me. Partly because I simply find ignoring your followers rather rude but again this is just my opinion. This also allowed me to stop having people on my list who were not active for months.

Why is it worth it to regularly check the quality of content you can see on Twitter?

Another thing that I have did was to carefully observe my home stream on Twitter and the twits there. If I noticed that someone is being incredibly negative, they stopped interacting with me, or that I am not having a conversations with them I would also unfollow them. My mind and perspective on social media changed dramatically this year. I really want quality and numbers remains well just a number. What does it mean anyway when it is so easy to buy followers? 

Did I lost followers? 

Yes, I did but because I had so much less clutter on my home page I finally started to see what interests me! This also allowed me to interact so much more with so many different people because finally there was no clutter! As a result I started gaining more followers faster than I ever had before! They would also speak with me and not leave just because I do not follow them back.

Who do I follow?

I will tell you a secret who I follow. Firstly if you have a conversation with me just simple “Hi, how are you? I have seen your post about XYZ thanks for sharing” I will check your profile and the chances that I will follow you back are very high. To most of my new followers I also send question to try and get them involved. This usually includes if they would like to take part in my bloggers’ series ‘Finish the sentence…’ I started this series during the beginning of year. You can take part in the November edition, all the information is at the end of this post. This series is a perfect filter to show who wants to interact with me. Even if it’s a simple ‘Thank you for letting me know, but I will pass this time’ for me it is a clear signal that says ‘Hey, this is not someone who just follows me for follow and then leaves within a day. Since I stopped following people just because they follow me I now have the time to check websites of people who do follow me. Quite often I leave a comment giving another opportunity to spark a conversation.

What do you do that helps you to manage your Twitter?     

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  1. I regularly check who I follow on Twitter because I really don't want to miss good tweets and tweets from people and blogs I care about in a sea of information. I like what you described in step 1 because it's exactly what I do. If the person doesn't respond or their content doesn't get me going I'll unfollow.

    1. Exactly! Engagement is so important. It shows that someone cares and wants a real connection. Iga x

  2. I've never actually done this before, but you're so right! I'm now about to go through and see who I want to follow and try and make conversations. I'm awful for engaging in conversations, but you've inspired me to start sending out more tweets!
    Emily xx

    1. How is it going Emily? Did you manage to declutter your Twitter a little bit? Have a fab day, Iga x

  3. I've been continuing my slow declutter of my social media platforms too. It's so easy to miss all the things that are of interest as they're drown in a sea of clutter. More of this!

    Honestly Aine

    1. Indeed! I am slowly looking now at what people post and how relevant it is to me. I can already notice that some tweets are just not really bring much into my life. Have a fab day, Iga x

  4. I was literally planning to do something like this on both Twitter and Bloglovin so I've stumbled across this at the right timing! I normally use the unfollow apps for both twitter and IG but I bet there are a whole host of accounts I'm following who are probably inactive. I made the mistake of just following everyone back when I started blogging and I can count probably 20 people i usually speak to. Great post and as informative as ever Iga. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Amy | www.whatamydid.co.uk

    1. It is always sad when people you used to speak with just disappear from social media. I discovered lately that a few people I really loved speaking with just closed their accounts without saying 'goodbye' Have a fab day, Iga x

  5. This is such a good post Iga. You are so right and I do end up getting lost in a sea of people's posts which I don't read. I think this will be a mission of mine over Christmas break.

    Thanks for sharing & good post as always
    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog | www.stephsworld.com

    1. Thank you so much Steph! I am slowly checking now my main feed. Relevant/Interesting tweets stay and the rest is slowly going to be removed. Have a fab day, Iga x


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