Choosing Perfect Wedding Date

How to pick a wedding date? Wisely! It should be personal as well as practical. It will influence the overall feel and atmosphere of your wedding. Talking about atmosphere, let’s start off with one of the factors I consider the most important while picking the date.

Wedding Vision  

Are you dreaming of a white wedding with mulled wine and snowflakes twirling in the air somewhere in the Alps? Maybe you want to walk towards your husband barefooted on a white, sandy beach during the sunset? Clarify your wedding vision and pick a date that compliments it by creating unique settings. Do not make it too difficult for yourself and take advantage of the most suitable season for your vision. 

Our Thoughts

We started off with discussing how we both would like to celebrate our day. It helped us to understand each others expectations and desires. We could make all our wedding visions work but after further selections we decided to celebrate our wedding day mainly outdoors. Therefore for practical reasons winter months were eliminated at this stage as well as Scotland. Weather is too unpredictable in Aberdeen for an outdoor wedding.
Author: Enrico Capuano

Is your heart greatly set on any specific venue and you cannot imagine yourself getting married elsewhere? In this situation contact the venue first and ask when are they available. Pick and choose from the free dates.  

Our Thoughts

We decided on a date that is special and unique for us first and then looked for venue available for that time. The date was the first sure thing we knew and did not want to compromise.

Weather & Season

Getting married abroad? Double check what months are most likely to have the weather you want e.g. if you are dreaming about exotic, sunny wedding in one of the Thai islands the dry season starts from November and lasts till March. Similarly if you want a white wedding with fluffy snow in Italy it is worth to check when and where in the past did they have similar to expected weather. Weather patterns can surprise you!

Our Thoughts

May is my favourite month of the year. Everything is waking up to life, cherry trees are blossoming, and warm winds bring a promise of summer nights. Although in my thoughts May was the month I will get married when it came to choosing the date for our special day, we selected an alternative month. It was also connected with the symbolism of a date, which I talk about later on. 
Author: Enrico Capuano

Weddings off-season can save a large amount. In Scotland, England and Ireland you can get venues for less if you consider getting married in Autumn, Winter and early Spring. The high/pricier season is considered to be roughly from May to the end of September and during holidays such as Christmas.

What if since you were a little child you were dreaming about a summer wedding? One of the ways to slightly reduce the cost is to get married on a Friday or any other day of the week. Saturdays are still the most expensive. Who does not want a long weekend! Especially when wedding is abroad.

Have in mind that significant dates such as Valentines can also increase prices of contractors and materials they use e.g. Valentine’s Day equals more expensive roses.

Our Thoughts

We decided to get married abroad which naturally increases logistic issues. Therefore to avoid disappointment and stress caused by people not arriving, not being able to take days off work, we are going to get married during the weekend. It will still be personal but also practical. I would love all of my friends and family from various parts of the world be able to join me.

Symbolism/Significant Dates

Some couples want to get married on the date they first met, first kissed, became an official couple, grandparent’s anniversary, or any other special day in their lives. The date itself carries the symbolism that is important to them. Is there any particular date that is extraordinary for you?

Possibly you would rather get married on one of the holiday days, such as New Year’s Eve? Another way of deciding is by picking easy to remember and nice sounding date such as 07/07/2017, 14/02/2014, 12/12/2012 etc. Dates like these are not only easy to remember but are also very desirable among other couples. Popular venues can be booked years in advance. If you determined to get a specific venue and date, book it as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Our Thoughts

We picked a date special for us and that was the only factor that mattered. The only time I could compromise my wedding date would be if four factors occurred at the same time: Annie Leibovitz decided to be our wedding photographer, Maroon 5 wanted to take care of the entertainment, I could hold my wedding in Belmond Hotel Caruso,  Ravello, Italy, and Fiona Caims would design a cake.

For us it was more important to get married on the date we became a couple or the closest day to that than any of the vendors or venues. It also makes sense for us to keep the continuity of our anniversaries that currently have happen two days in a row.
Author: Enrico Capuano

If you know that your wedding cannot happen without a certain vendor such as photographer, florist… Contact them in advance to know when they are free. Basically the same rule applies as with the venue.

Our Thoughts

Again the date had grown on me, so I would not change it for anyone unless we are talking about Annie Leibovits, Maron 5, dream venue, and Fiona Caims all together at the same time.

No-No Days

There are a few elements to consider before setting the date that are not about you shocking I know: family members’ health especially if you want them to take part in your wedding and when you know about any planned surgeries, the same wedding date as your brother/sister/friend dividing family or friends just because you had a quarrel 5 years ago is just below the belt, and any other dates that are somehow painful for you.

Our Thoughts

We do not really have any No-No days in our calendar.

What is your ideal wedding date?
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  1. This is so exciting- I hope your wedding is amazing! x


  2. I'm a teacher and my wedding date was picked all around the school holidays...right in the middle of wedding season! It was lovely though 😊 Can't wait to read more wedding posts from you! Tori xx

    1. Thank you so much Tori! I am sure you picked the best date for your wedding and that it was very fairytale like!

  3. We chose the date that was the tastes for us to get married mainly because my husband was travelling so much between his country and mine. Unfortunately it also fell on my mum's birthday but she was so happy because it made that day even more special. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. That's fantastic! It's always such a wonderful time when two important celebrations happen at once. I am glad your mum was very happy with your decision. It made your and her day even more special.

  4. This is helpful, even though I am no where close to getting married soon, these tips are just what one needs because wedding dates can be confusing, specially when you have relatives who stay far away.

    Shayne www.thefoodager.in


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