Food matters, first impression do not. Bellevue, Gdansk, Poland

Food matters, first impression do not. 


7×7 Outfit Challenge

Remixable wardrobe for the spring! 



Hotter's Shamelessly Made Love To My Feet

Comfy shoes equals happy, healthy feet. 


National Museum, Gdansk

Are you an art geek? Time to time I like to visit museums, art galleries, castles etc. During my last visit in Gdansk I had some time on my hands so I decided to visit the National Museum.


Top Five Interior Design Shops

Interior design shops and designers with fantastic home accessories, that you might not have heard off before. Check my favourite shops, and what is on my home wish list.


Mito Sushi, Gdansk, Poland

There might be a few things that you might not know about me but if you had been with me on Twitter, Instagram or here at IgaBerry you know one thing. I love sushi! If I could be a type of food, I probably would be a sushi roll (with avocado of course!)



Trampoline Park Jumpcity, Gdynia, Poland

Jump (for my love) the third single from the Pointer Sisters' would have been a perfect soundtrack for my time in Jumpcity, Gdynia. This trampoline park is a great place for an active day with your friends and family. Jumpcity has 140 trampolines in total. They are ready for you to bounce down your stress levels and increase endorphins (we all need it time to time!). Located a walking distance from the main train station, it is easily accessible for people traveling to the Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) in Poland. 


I am the happiest when...

Can you believe it that it is April already? This month I asked bloggers when they are the happiest. I am the happiest when I can explore and travel to new and exciting places. I already had a pleasure to explore USA, Iceland, Poland, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy and this year... I am going to discover Thailand! I feel so lucky! Another thing that connects with travel is that now I am able to share it with you! There is nothing better than feedback from someone, who after my suggestion tried something, or decided to visit a new place.

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