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After a quick morning shower there is nothing better for me than a quick, non-greasy moisturiser. Vaseline Sprays dry off within seconds so I can be out of the doors without worrying about greasy marks on my clothes. Definitely this is my number one in 2016. 

The smells are very delicate and non intrusive, which makes them great to wear with perfume. It would be lovely if Vaseline also added fruity/tropical one, perfect for summer!

Radiant Touch

I started using it a few years ago and it does not look like I am going to stop anytime soon. Quick way to add radiance to a daily make up much needed to cover dark circles after a long night of studying. It could provide slightly more coverage but I am happy to compromise as it does not dry out the skin. 

I am not going to deny, my hair condition in 2016 was rather poor. Years of bleaching and changing colours took its toll on my hair. I thought that nothing will help to reduce the frizzy hair, even temporarily.

Just by chance during one of my trips to Tiki Maxx I found something that helps to smooth my damaged hair and finally have them under control. This product is more expensive in comparison to previous hair products I used but for the results I am getting I will definitely continue to use it in 2017.


Rose love for my dry lips! I started using this product when I was seventeen years old and I cannot think of a better lip balm for winter.


Sephora in US has a lovely way to say: 'Thank you' to its costumers. In 2015 for my birthday I received two matte lip pencil samples. Thanks to that I was introduced to Nars Cosmetics. Cruella is such an intense red I could not think of a better colour for a night out in 2016. It lasts on my lips all night long. 

What was your favourite beauty product in 2016?

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  1. Ooh I like the sound of the Vaseline sprays, I am lazy with moisturizer lol! I treated myself to Touche Eclat again recently after a couple of years without it - it's not quite the miracle worker it was when I was younger but there is still nothing to top it in my opinion! Nars lip crayon sounds lovely, I wish we had Sephora here! xx

    1. They are great! Really easy and quick to apply even for someone who does not like doing it. Tell me about wishing for Sephora! I love it there! It could be my second home.

  2. Forgot to say my recent faves are Boots Botanics Facial Oil, YSL Fusion foundation and Boots. No.7 Melting Cleanser :-) xx

    1. I have to check melting cleanser, is it a gel or what?

  3. Happy New Year! The Vaseline moisturisers are lovely, especially in the Summer! Great picks x



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