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Teeth Whitening Scotland Review Iga Berry

Nailing the perfect smile, especially during my wedding day is on the top of my beauty list of ‘Things To Do”. I sadly was not blessed with a strong, white, and straight Hollywood smile. Hence as a teenager I had a monthly date with an orthodontist that did magic to my smile! It’s a real pity that my teeth had mind on their own and decided not to stay in a gorgeous straight line. Something I am going to work on in 2017!
Teeth Whitening Scotland Review Iga Berry
Edinburgh is ready for festive period as always in style

Here I am a few months before my wedding desperately trying to whiten my greyish teeth with all kinds of methods starting from baking soda, whitening kits, coconut oil, special toothpastes - you name it and I probably tried it. Unsuccessful, that would be one word to describe my attempts. 


Hollywood White
Power whitening with the home kit




Teeth Whitening Scotland Review Iga Berry
Cons of not having tripod with you are mirror 'selfies'

I was invited to give laser whitening a go, I’ve tried it a few years ago but this time it would be with a qualified professional from Cherrybank Dental Spa team in Edinburgh, Scotland. The promise of ‘me’ time in Edinburgh convinced me quickly. Of course I went to the Christmas Market!
Teeth Whitening Scotland Edinburgh Review Iga Berry
Could this experience get any cuter?
I was welcomed with a smile, which is always a good sign! Waiting room felt more like a living room; far too comfy to leave too soon. Whilst waiting for my appointment I was given a comfort menu where I could design the appointment and pick additional extras to make it a unique and personalised experience.
Teeth Whitening Scotland Edinburgh Review Iga Berry
So, soooo comfy I wanted to stay in Edinburgh forever
I decided to try berry lip balm, warm neck lavender pillow, warm slippers, and music. If you follow my Insta stories you could see my experience first hand. The thought of a warm, comfy, lavender pillow still excites me!
Teeth Whitening Scotland Edinburgh Review Iga Berry
Josh in his element
Josh, who was my dentist, did not waste anytime. As he was checking my teeth, he also made sure that I knew what I can expect from the treatment. He explained each step and took prints of my teeth for my home kit. Before I knew it I was ready for my teeth to be whiten.
Teeth Whitening Scotland Edinburgh Review Iga Berry

I had 3 painless sessions that day and each session lasted 20 minutes. I was left alone so I did unleash my Instagram beast and took many photos, which of course I promptly sent to everyone. I can say that I definitely exceeded the limit of selfies one can take from a dentist chair for 2017 in 2016. 
Teeth Whitening Scotland Edinburgh Review Iga Berry
Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Results literally exceeded my expectations and made me question the quality of the previous teeth whitening I had done elsewhere. The home kit I received will also whiten my teeth even more so I am really going to have a Hollywood smile in 2017! Best decision ever!
My results after appointment before using home kit
Best thing? If I want a top up, I can just buy more Day White and do it just before the big day. I have a feeling that I should visit Edinburgh more often and get perfect, straight smile! 

Would you consider whitening your teeth?    

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  1. So glad it worked! :) that's one less thing to worry about with all the wedding prep (so soon, how exciting!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. I know! I cannot believe it that it's approaching so quickly! Iga

  2. Would love to see a pic of your smile to see the results as I'm considering whitening too! Thank you! xxx

    1. Hello, thank you for visiting! You will not regret it! I have added photo with the results. I was amazed how much whiter my teeth look just compare C2 to the result! Best Wishes, Iga

  3. This looks amazing!!! I've wanted to try teeth whitening for so, so long but always been so put off by the price and the uncertainty of it's results!


    1. I have to say that it worked perfectly for me! It is a lot of money but I have to say that I am going to do it again. Iga x


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