Loving It | January

A few things that I loved in January and wanted to share.


Discussion about jobs, passions, and partly finances. Joshua and Ryan talk about minimalism in a very casual, easy to understand tone and without making it into a modern cult-like phenomena. That’s exactly why I like and recommend them. Their podcast is very useful if you are about to start a career or think that some changes might be needed in your current one.


The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov

I have to start with one of my favourite books, which despite the fact of decluttering my bookshelf (check how I did it here) still takes proud of place. This book has been with my family for over 40 years now. First it was read by my grandfather, then my mum, and finally me.

It is not a novel for everyone. As a satirical fantasy written during the period of Stalin's regime the action takes place in ancient Jerusalem and in contemporary Moscow. Not an easy read but perfect for someone interested in Soviet Russian and Moscow literature.

Buy used one on Amazon here.


Bad Moms

I have finally had a chance to see the comedy directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore with Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell. It’s an easy going, perfect background movie about moms taking their life into their own hands. It reminds me quite a bit about another movie which stars Sarah Jessica Parker I do not know how she does it. For me it is a perfect movie to watch while I am tidying around the flat. 

Pugs Peach Backpack

I first noticed this backpack while walking from St Nicolas Shopping Centre; it caught my eye whilst sitting in Schuh’s window, I knew it had to be mine. Mi-Pac answered my prayers and got me just a little bit closer to my pug dream with their new Pugs Peach line.

I decided to get the biggest size to comfortably fit all my things I need on a daily basis when I travel between the gym and University. It is one of the things that just make my day so much cuter. I just cannot help but smile each time I look at my backpack. It is also protecting my notebooks from the rain, which we have had quite a lot in Aberdeen!

Find Pugs Peach here


Saved not only my hands but lips and nose during a particularly annoying cold that caught me off guard during my shift. Plus the smell reminds me of a sunny spring afternoons in my grandfather’s garden.


Delicious lunch for only £5, Café 52 (I went for toasted ciabatta with chicken breast, Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables and gruyere) which easily secured a place on this list. Café 52 is dog friendly so of course I was hoping for a pug to appear. Btw if you are a pug owner and want someone to walk your precious I am your girl! Just email me, I am sure we can figure out a play date for me and your dog no innuendo intended.

If I had to pick somewhere to eat for a week this would be my place!

Culinary Fail

I did not tell anyone but I have decided to cook something from scratch following a recipe to the dot (or at least try) at least once a month in 2017. My first culinary fail was nothing else but Cinnamon-Spiced Sweet Potato Soup. It must be love because my fiancé claims it was eatable. My bowl was left unfinished, I just could not force myself. On a better note the soup smelled delicious just the taste was horrific. It is in favourites because it smelled so good and basically I am rewarding myself for trying.

January Sum Up

If you want a friend who loves pugs, and is not culinary talented I am your girl! 
What did you particularly like in January?

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  1. Hmm maybe you just do not like sweet potatoes?! Butternut squash I love and is slightly less sweet I think! Also if you put green apples in a (pureed) soup it gives it more tanginess! I think Bad Moms looks like a good guilty pleasure film! I enjoyed the film Hunt for the Wilderpeople this month (on Netflix), and finally having some spring type flowers to cheer up the flat! xx

    1. I like sweet potatoes just the combination with cinnamon was really peculiar for my taste buds. I won't be preparing this soup again that's for sure. I am yet to watch the Hunt. Iga x


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