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Sweet Love*
Wedding favours are a cute way of letting your guests know that in your Big Day you also thought about them in case they didn't notice free drinks, music, and delicious food.

You can spend as much on them or as little if you wish. The prices are really starting from a few pennies and can go up to hundreds. I checked if it is possible to find wedding favours that will not only be budget friendly but look good too. 

My target was to find wedding favours that cost £1 or less per guest. 
Please bear in mind that the wedding favours I selected do not require any DIY from the bride or groom ehem, ehem wink wink nudge nudge. Those are the wedding favours that follow my favourite wedding rule 'Pick me, pay for me, done'. Link under each photo will take you to the place where you can buy them.
Love is sweet chocolates*

I love how simple, elegant and pretty the packaging is. Although packaging is hiding only a chocolate inside it does it in style.

Cost £10 for 20
£0.50 per person
Find Orchid Candles Here*
Little flowery touch, which would look great especially on the side of a white square plate. I really like useful wedding guest favours as let's face it most of your guests love you dearly but having a magnet with your face on the fridge might not be their cup of tea.
Cost £8.32 per 24
£0.35 per person
Soap Bonanza*
Mini soaps in various colours and smells. The only thing I do not like about them is the packaging as it shows straight away that the wedding favour was bought on a budget.
Cost £0.82
Buy here*
Not as pretty as the first chocolates but if you are determined to have an organza bags to match your theme you can pick any colour you want.
Cost £1
Buy here*
Wedding favours that you can eat are definitely very high on my list. This is an excellent idea to personalise each message if you like DIY. If you do not you can buy already made fortune cookies.  
Cost £29 for 30
£0.97 per person
5 beans for £3*

Idea behind the beans is that the laser etched message enlarges as the bean grow. Cute, simple, and cost effective. 

Cost £3 for 5 beans
£0.60 per guest

Personalised can cooler is a fantastic idea if you are having an easy going wedding with more than 100 people.

Cost £123.5 for 125
£0.99 per can cooler
Sweet Love*
I never minded if sweeties or anything at the wedding includes a personalised message but I must admit that it is a nice touch. If you are a fan of retro sweets such as Mini Love Hearts, why not to share your love for them with your guests?

£14.85 for 50
  £0.30 per guest

Top Tip

The more you buy the cheaper it gets. If you are going to have a small wedding and only need a few it might be worth it to check if there is any bride that wants to buy it with you and split the costs.

What do you think of wedding favours?
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