What Do I Wear on a Busy Day?

Dress Polka Dot Travel Blog Iga Berry

When it comes to my daily schedule quite often I have to be in a few very different places. On this occasion I could not really jump into my yoga pants. 

Finding one outfit that fits the bill can be a bit challenging, especially with the always changing Scottish weather. Do not let photos to fool you, I was very lucky that day.  
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My day was starting with a meeting about Facebook management with one of my clients, then a meeting with my mum for a quick cup of coffee and wedding chat, Skype about a project I am involved in, and later drinks with my friends. The best part of it? I would not have time to get back home and change.

Professional but not too professional... Chic yet comfortable... Hmmm... Something I could wear all day long. Thankfully I am a girl that loves dresses. 
Dress Polka Dot Travel Blog Iga Berry
I do not have a car and I walk a lot so my pug backpack, mentioned before here, is great to carry spare pair of shoes for change. 

During the past few months I have started to crave for more polka dots in my wardrobe, so it was a day to take out for the first time my new dress with fantastic peachy dots from Apricot
Dress Polka Dot Travel Blog Iga Berry
I also swapped my biker jacket for a cardigan with a romantic waterfall hem and sheer embroidered panel.  Staying comfy! As always expecting the (un)expected rain I had my Barbour too, just in case.  
Dress Polka Dot Travel Blog Iga Berry
I am 5’2’’ and a dress size 8 fitted me perfectly coming slightly just above the knee so it was a safe length for all of the things I had to do. Even for a few cheeky photos under the blossoming cherry tree.

If you are a petite lady as I am, check out Apricot's dresses, you might not need to shorten them. I have to say that the just right length is always a big factor that influences if I buy again.
Dress Polka Dot Travel Blog Iga Berry
Simple and famine embroidered panel added an interesting accent. I really love how its texture compliments a daytime look adding a chic finish. Enough of talking, time for a catch up with my girlfriends! Hope you had a good day too!   
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What was I wearing?

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*Apricot kindly sent clothes of my choice free of charge. Opinions as always are my own.  


  1. You look beautiful. This dress is so pretty. It can get tricky to find that perfect balance between comfy but put together outfit. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Thank you so much! I feel really comfortable in this dress. It's not restricting my movement at all and it does not look too informal.

  2. Very pretty Spring look Iga- you picked the perfect day for it! Come back sunshine!! x

    1. Thank you so much Steff! It was gorgeous day wasn't it? What did you do?

  3. That dress is just all kinds of perfect, I really love it, you look so classy and pretty :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. Thank you Rosy! I really like how peach polka dots add a bit of a twist to it.


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