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 From looking at my daily outfits you could say that I am a jewellery minimalists. I usually wear my engagement ring, and stud earrings. Sometimes I add a watch and/or a necklace. This was not always the case. I enjoyed my time with seven or more bracelets worn at the same time, chunky costume necklaces, and sparkly rings.

My jewellery box, which I would consider somewhat big (25cm x 25cm) could fit them all in, but taking things out was not an enjoyable experience. Everything was getting tangled with each other and as a result I would just not bothering with choosing any accessories to for my outfits.

One day I sat down on the floor with a hot cup of tea and took every single piece of jewellery out of the box and other the places that jewellery should have never be stored.

Straight away I put all of the jewellery with precious stones and metals to the side. Not because of their sentimental value, although they do bring good memories, or price value, which does not matter to me at all.

They were the ones that I wore the most during previous past years and the ones that I enjoyed wearing the most. For them I would go through the long process of untangling everything to compliment my outfit.  This was the group of jewellery I want to keep.

I removed all the damaged, worn out, and pieces I simply did not like anymore; these were for disposal 

Then I was left with the awkward group, those things that I did not particularly wear but there is nothing wrong with them. What didn’t I find in this category! The mix of colours, styles, and materials indicated that the person who bought all of it had things from various styles, which meant she herself has no individual style at all. From the perspective of time, I can see that this was the case with me. 

To simplify the whole process I decided to keep things that for me were beautiful and useful at the same time without any exceptions.

I am not a fan of plastic jewellery, hence all of the pieces made from it were placed in the ‘dispose group’ straight away. I stopped considering plastic jewellery beautiful ages ago so I do not even know why I kept it.

After not even an hour everything that I wanted to keep fitted perfectly into my jewellery box, and what’s more important is it was easy to access.

A few things I said ‘Goodbye’ to:
Plastic rings that I had won ages ago during a festival
Fake plastic pearl bracelets bought for a party
One of my favourite necklaces, that you could tell from the scratches was my favourite
Loads of earrings that were too heavy for me
Wooden, chipped bracelet      

Let me know if next time I am decluttering you would like to see images step by step from the process!

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  1. I would certainly love to see more decluttering and minimalism posts from you! I had a big decluttering all of my jewellery a little while ago, and I donated to charity shops all of the decent quality pieces that I knew I just wouldn't wear again, that way I got to do something philanthropic as well as minimising my jewellery box! Fab post!

    Abbey 😍 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thank you Abbey! I will definitely add more decluttering posts on the website. What is left in your jewellery box now then?

  2. Aaah I have four bracelets, a ring, a watch and a necklace that I wear daily, I feel lost without them! I do have a necklace that I switch up with but other than that my jewellery box is a bit lonely!!

    Sarah | sazsinclair.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. You know exactly what works for you Sarah and I adore it!

  3. For years I've just been throwing all my necklaces (the only kind of jewellery I wear) onto a clothes hanger and this post made me realize I should declutter all that ish! I'd love to see pictures of the process in your next post like this one :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. I am guilty of doing the same! However now when I have less things to pick from I am wearing them way more often!

  4. This post was a great reminder that I desperately need to declutter my jewellery collection! I think it's so much better to go for a few minimal pieces than have an overflowing jewellery box of things you never even wear. Thanks for sharing! Aoife x https://allaboutaoifeblog.wordpress.com/

    1. Hello Aoife, did you have a chance to look through your jewellery and pick the 'most loved' bits and bobs?

  5. I love a good de-clutter! That necklace is so pretty, I have too many chokers, I think i need some more like that!

    1. Thank you and good luck! Let me know how did it go.

  6. I love a good de-clutter! That necklace is so pretty, I have too many chokers, I need some more like that! x

  7. I'd love to see a decluttering post with photos! The state of my wardrobe is truly shocking at the moment, and I need to figure out how to pare down a bit. So impressed that you got rid of some jewelry with sentimental value, like your old fave necklace!


    1. Hello Emily! Did you manage to do a bit of a decluttering? I am going to definitely take photos from the process next time! It will be a great way to visually show 'what I mean' ;) .

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