Travel Size Beauty Products For Wedding Ready Skin

Beauty Regime Before the Wedding

Following the make-up artist orders to the letter, I was taking care of my skin way more than usually. Getting married outside of the UK and travelling beforehand meant that I could not take any full sized products. Transferring them into travel-sized bottles was out of the question because then only five of them could fit inside the liquid travel bag.

Now was the time to go through all the travel sized products and samples I had, and hope that they would last to the end of the honeymoon, or at least till the wedding. The process of selection was quite easy and careless if you were to ask any of my beauty blogging friends. If it fits the bag, doesn’t take much space, and I feel in the mood to test it… It’s in.

A few words about my skin; it requires one of, or all at once one of the following properties: moisturise, hydrate, and even out sun kissed skin tone.
Beauty Regime Before the Wedding

What did I decide to take with me?

for dry and sensitive skin

Creamy texture removed most of my make-up without drying out my skin. Calming smell of Shea butter was definitely a huge advantage for me. I always appreciate the little touches and signs of luxury, and the smell is definitely one of them. Would I be back for more? Maybe.

I have to say I expected more. Where is the promised tightness and youthful vitality? I might be inclined to say it subtly moisturised my skin but nothing more than that. This was another promotional addition as part of an offer. After checking the price of 75ml product I can easily say that this is not going to be a product I am returning to.  

Brighten, Tightens

It did the job in terms of moisturising but for my dry and sun kissed holiday skin there was no ‘wow factor’.
Beauty Regime Before the Wedding

I was in love with the smell even during The Body Shop event in Aberdeen, so I bought a Virgin Mojito Treats with three products: shower gel, body scrub, and body butter. I actually only wanted a body butter but it was already sold out. For me this is the ideal summer fragrance for body butter: fresh, vibrant combination of mint and lime. It moisturised my dry legs leaving them softer. It was a shame that it finished before my wedding day. 60ml was definitely not enough.

That’s a product to check out for yourself. I tend to leave it for a few seconds longer before washing it off my skin. The small sample is too small for me to be a judge of how effective it is but what I tried, I liked and I will be back for more. 

My friend that works in the beauty industry convinced me to use it for a while before my wedding so I took a few samples with me to continue. I am not going to deny the smell is quite distinctive and it takes quite a bit of getting used to. This one does not have any competition yet in moisturising my face.

First time I used this product was with my friend while watching the new Beauty and the Beast at the Vue Cinema in Aberdeen. Since then I have needed it in my life! Clinique keeps up to their promises with this one. The skin under my eyes is smoother, cooled, brightened, and hydrated. I might not moisturise my face every morning but I am starting my days with this little, orange thing. Would I buy it again? I already have a spare one waiting for me to use.

Result? Some worked for me, some don’t. Don’t let other brides be as careless as I was and share your top choices in comments.

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  1. I try to use up samples on holiday too :-)I like Clarins too but have yet to find a wow product - I thought I had with their exfoliating toner but I have decided it is too harsh now. I haven't seen the Body Shop Virgin Mojito, sounds like a lovely holiday product to try! The Clinique pep start sounds nice too, maybe not strong enough for my crow's feet though lol! ;-) xx

    1. I must admit so far Clarins did not do a 'wow' factor for me. Virgin Mojito is amazing! Smells so fun, check it out in store. I already bought two full sized shower gels. You don't have crow's feet, silly ;) Love, Iga

  2. Body shop body butters are my absolute fave! I've not tried the mojito one actually, I like the shimmer one too for when you want a bit of a glow! x

    S x

    1. I don't know if I had a chance to use the shimmer body butter from body shop but I am totally obsessed with Mojito one Love, Iga

  3. I try and use samples of try size when I go away, smooch easier. I would love to try the Clinique eye prep out, it sound super! Claris are always good for trial size but it so hard to get samples.

    1. I am sure you can ask for a little sample of Clinique eye prep out and check it out. It's quite pricey so if it does not work for you, the price cannot be justified. Love, Iga


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