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I am a massive dress loving girl. In my wardrobe you can find a variety of dresses starting from a casual maxi in black, sheath dress in all sort of colours and patterns, grey A-line dress, skater dresses, bodycon dress, and that's only a few I can think from the top of my head. I am continuously on the hunt for a new, great dress that I want to wear over and over again. Especially that summer is ending and season for pumpkin lattes, blankets, and movie nights is beginning! 

I could not stop myself and had a look for a dresses that I would love to take into my tiny travel suitcase this Autumn. I am getting ready for my trip to Amsterdam so it is a perfect excuse to add a dress or two into my wardrobe, right?

Girl that loves dresses, also love... 

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Summer 2017 was for me all about the stripes, especially white and blue but it gets slightly boring so... I think it is about time to mix it up with Autumn blooms. I can see myself in this cute, little black dress on the left with a high heeled winter boots in an intense red.  
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Floral love this Autumn continues for me.  Over the years I was not really embracing the blossom theme but now I am ready to get back into the game. Both dresses would be perfect for a quick coffee, somewhere in a cosy cafe, with my friends.

1 & 2

This little pink stunner on the left! If there is a dress that my wardrobe needs like right now that's the one! Not forgetting to mention the floral print with white top would work magic in brightening my face.  

1 & 2 & 3

When sky is grey the best way to deal with the situation must be a dress in a sky blue or the one with a starry night. Well, at least for me. The work dress in burgundy - bringing a bit of Autumn to the office. 

What dresses do you like to wear this Autumn?

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  1. Lol I was JUST looking at that black wrap floral dress yesterday online - great minds think alike?! I can't remember where it is from? I was afraid it would be too short on me ;-)! I used to wear dresses all the time when I was younger, now I mainly just wear them on holiday :-). Have so much fun in Amsterdam! xx


    1. Absolutely! <3 You will always look fab Steff in whatever you wear plus combining it with your bubbly personality? A winning combination! x

  2. Some of these dresses are so so cute!!!

    1. I am waiting for black friday now hahaha Hoping there might be a sweet deal on the Ted Baker dress

  3. I love the magenta floral dress, that is lovely. I would wear that one! xxx



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