Best Kept Secret in Spain? Asturias Region!

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Ready for summer! Well, almost! Before the glorious summer of 2018 approaches, and ends way too early at least for me... A little research for something a bit different for my travel plans during the darker evenings can brighten my winter nights. 
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When I was contacted by Inntravel the 'Slow Holidays' company I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for another Sunday full of sun, stunning views, and apple cider. You can even try to attempt the Asturias Cider Challenge, check out my Twitter video of me trying, it is harder than it looks.

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During one of those typical rainy days I was researching Inntravel's new Spanish rail holiday offer where you explore the idyllic Spanish region of Asturias. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon, when the weather outside is not encouraging you to leave your house, than getting lost, even just virtually, somewhere on a lush and secluded beach, or picture perfect hills, or even the romantic Picos de Europa mountain range? 
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Reasons to visit magical Asturias? There are a few!

It is a fairly unknown region of Spain which makes it perfect for the slow holidays Here I am talking about slow life, where all you want to do is relax and not fight for the best viewing spot with others. 

Try Fabada Asturiana, bean stew, one of the famous regional cuisine dishes. 

Of course the golden nectar, aka cider, that is considered to be Asturias' wine!

Caldereta Asturiana is a must try for all you fish lovers, which would be myself included. Who can make it better if not a family run, local, traditional restaurant hidden away somewhere between the hills?
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Moreover the Asturias region is very beautiful from dramatic cliffs to sandy beaches, so the self guided rail journey would bring you many, many Insta perfect moments! 

If you are choosing to travel with Inntravel a self-guided journey option gives you the time to enjoy the travel and discover it in your own time. From experience I can tell that the time to enjoy the moment can make it or ruin the whole experience so Inntravel has this right!

Offer includes detailed maps and route notes, which I would definitely need as I once managed to get lost on  the city walls of Lucca in Italy. I cannot even tell you how I managed to do it. Also hotels are prearranged too.

I am ready to pack my bags and I will pack light as usually!
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*Post created in collaboration with Inntravel. Views are as always mine.

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