My Instagram Pet Peeves

Poor Practices on Instagram My Pet Peeves

Alternative title for this post would have to be: 5 Quick Ways to make me block you on Instagram even though I do not know you. 

I have been scrolling through Instagram and suddenly realised that I blocked two accounts without even thinking about it. Over the years I have started to worry less about 'what people will think' and take care more of my user experience on social media. As a result I have developed Instagram pet peeves, which shows you how much time I spend there! I am way past the point of feel guilty because I have blocked content that is not something I want to interact with. One could say that the older I get the grumpier I am. This might also be true. For me it is more of a side effect of a more minimalistic approach to life. I just love to scroll through Instagram and see truly inspiring and engaging images rather than the ones that make me close the app.  

I know that we all want to get likes, believe me I love to see engagement too so do not be shy and say Hi to me on Instagram! Sadly some things just rub me up the wrong way, what are my Instagram pet peeves?
Irrelevant Hashtags

There are a few hashtags that I check daily such as #ladiesgoneglobal #thetravelwomen and #travelgirlsgo. What I love about them is that the most of the time I can indulge in a wanderlust experience without leaving my kitchen. The other great thing is that those hashtags are not too popular so most of the time I can enjoy the content I am interested in. Exactly, most of the time... If I see accounts that adds extremely irrelevant images the chances are high that I will block it especially when they post...

Too Many Images in a Row

I can forgive one or two images posted one after another. My patience is stretched with the third one and over with the fourth image. I have no second thoughts that this account needs to disappear from my feed.

Repeating Images

In my opinion the tactic of posting the same image in a short space of time, especially if it is not very inspiring, under the same hashtag can backfire. First of all I usually can recall images that I've just seen a few minutes ago. This makes me wonder why accounts are posting the same or very similar image 20s later. Natural curiosity leads me to check if it is something done regularly, usually it is. Since I am already on the account I am two clicks away from blocking, most of the time I am ready to do this journey.
Split Image

Some people call it innovative and I can admit that for some accounts it works perfectly. However, I dare to say that most of the time for me this practice is irritating especially when used with irrelevant hashtags. Yes, the whole image might show a scene appropriate for #travelgirl. However, seeing three in a row black squares that are just the bottom of an image and basically are showing nothing relevant... It might be a stunning photo but quite frankly I do not have time nor want to wait for the momentum.

Mistargeted Sponsored Images

As a brand you have a budget and you want to use it, I get it. What I do not get is why you are appearing on my feed if I am not your target audience? That's lazy marketing and a lack of research. Targeting irrelevant audience gets to me because it shows that as a brand you do not care who you are reaching as long as you are reaching and hitting meaningless numbers. Why meaningless? They are meaningless because I will never reach anywhere near the end of sales funnel.

I've just checked my Instagram for example and it took me 5s. Believe me I am not someone that will go to see a basketball game because I do not even live in the area. If I am not your audience and you are hoping for a like because you appear on my feed... Yes that's right you might get one by mistake but most of the time you will get blocked because your message is cluttering my feed.

I really do not mind sausage legs pictures, endless selfies, mirror selfies, inspirational quotes, coffee pictures, blurred images, food porn, memes I've seen already on Twitter and Facebook, photo of you with your mum, you with your dad, you with your brother, you with your hamster, your hamster with your mum but the things above are definitely my Insta pet peeves! What are yours?

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  1. Irrelevant hashtags is a big one for me too! My feed is mainly food related posts and I hate it when I'm clicking on hashtags looking for recipe inspo and all I'm seeing is a picture of a handbag. Great post x


    1. #Delicious and then... A bag! Possibly this is why I prefer smaller, less known hashtag because the irrelevant content is really reduced.

  2. Omg what are sausage legs I'm afraid! I agree the giant picture split into pieces puzzles me, why is that a thing? And two pics of the same outfit is plenty, I really don't need to see it 10 times. It's different if it's travel pics obvi, but when they take like a hundred shots on one block in Notting Hill I get bored. But what do I know some of those accounts have 10000+ following. ;-) x

    1. We all have our pet peeves and if outfits of the day multiplied by 10 are not your thing that's ok! I don't mind them but I also would not actively follow someone who shares that many pics of the same outfit. x

  3. I totally agree with you on many of these items. I also will say how much I hate the follow/unfollow paradigm of gaining big numbers. Folks think that they look like rockstars when they have thousands of followers as compared to the 80 folks they selectively follow - this is the number one reason why I do not follow back folks unless I've seen them interact with my content for a few posts. I am about making genuine audience/reader relationships through my content.

    And! I also cannot stand the bots and automation programs IGers partake in. I've seen them go so far as to comment "amazing!" "beautiful!" "lovely" on photos about death and despair.

    There are a lot of the same kinds of stuff and styles on IG and quite frankly, that gives me motivation to truly find my style and be unforgiving with it.

    Best, Jess || https://www.learningfromstrangers.com

    1. Hi Jess, oh yes follow/unfollow game! I know a little bit about that. I actually did not include it because... I am use to it now. How sad is this? My Instagram feed can go crazy from 20 followers up in a minute to 22 down in next 3 minutes. I always wait a few days to see if someone stays with me for longer and then I start actively interacting by visiting my followers, liking and commenting on the latest posts they shared. I have to check your account! I love the sound of finding your unique style and not trying to follow Insta perfection! It will be refreshing!

  4. I have so many IG pet peeves it's not even funny. The worst is definitely the follow/unfollow game. Also, I'm sick of spam accounts and spam comments. It really is such a weird platform and I don't understand why they've yet to fix the many issues with it and only managed to create more in the process.


    1. Hi Leslie! By creating more issues in the process do you think by any chance about a not chronological feed? Because if you do I am with you! I stopped noticing follow/unfollow game. I just wait a few days to engage with my new followers. Usually by then all marketing wizards that follow this game are gone from my account so I can really engage with people who want that. Don't let it dishearten you!

  5. I have to agree with others, the follow/unfollow game is so annoying. I also get a lot of irrelevant adverts, some are targeted due to being local though.

    1. I think I've got used to the game now ;)

  6. haha this list is very relatable, the irrelevant hashtags one especially. I HATE pointless comments with just an emoji, ugh! xx


    1. Relevant hashtags are always a great way to connect with like minded people and sometimes have a 'what is this photo' moment when hashtag totally do not work ;)


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