5 Travel Accessories You Can Buy or DIY

Travel Themed Accessories
What better way to celebrate your wanderlust obsessed soul if not by bringing home or make a few travel related accessories? For those with a creative urge I also have good news! I believe that some of the things you could attempt to make at home. If I can find them I will share links to any DIY tutorials that will help you to unleash your creativity and get ready to express your passion for travels whilst at home. If you can't go a few days without thinking of travelling, planning your trips, or saving travel inspiring images this post is for you to create a stylish, travel themed room! Do not forget to check my other post about gifts for those Wanderlust Obsessed souls! You'll find plenty of inspiration there.

I could not start with a map, could I? There are many of them available online and prices vary a lot so I am sure you will be able to find something suitable.  

If you want to play around with different maps check out Map Prints or Mapiful’s website and decorate your home with a map of your favourite place that means something special to you! Both websites are just an example so browse around to get the best deals. If I ever used any I will make sure to come back here and update you.  

Do it yourself with tutorial from Gladd family! 
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What else other than a map can say 'Hello Adventure'? Hot air balloon lanterns with a subtle golden print. 

Vanessa shares her way to design a hot air balloon with the wow factor. I am actually tempted to do it myself so the colours can match my interior. For a slightly different design but equally gorgeous you can create with Kati's tutorial.  

Something that I've picked up at Oliver Bonas in Manchester during the sales.  You can make your own Trivia game with SporcleOnline Quiz Creator, or Crowd game

To add some traveling touch, other than the questions, why not print them out on the reverse side of a map. If you cannot find any you like why not try some world map gift wrap, but first check if it is suitable for your printer. I've found two different designs on Fredaldous.  

If your photography skills are on point get yourself a photo blanket. I've noticed that Dinkleboo offers voucher for them on Groupon.

It can not only add a little bit of travelicious design to your bedroom but also help you to save cash. Especially if there is no other way to get into it other than breaking the glass!  Cewe-Photoworld shares how to make your own money box.

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