You Have to Know This Before Visiting Iceland

There are a few things worth knowing before enjoying the Nordic country of trolls, turf houses, and Kæstur hákarl local delicacy (rotten shark meat, which I am still to try). It's not the first time I visited Iceland! Check this quick guide with tips and tricks to enjoy Iceland before you book your tickets and possibly I can help you not only to enjoy your Icelandic adventure more but also save a few pounds.


If on your bucket list is drinking wine in the middle of nowhere whilst watching the northern lights I would suggest taking advantage of the duty free store, which is accessible for you before you leave the airport.


If you would rather watch the northern lights with a cigarette in your hand again take advantage of the duty free prices.

Remember that you have to comply with the limits otherwise you are risking the chance of a fine and losing the products.

Dining Out 

This can be a fabulous yet pricy experience. Take advantage of voucher website Coupons. Additionally, I would stay in an apartment with a kitchen so you can pop in to a Bonus (budget supermarket) and prepare food at home even if it’s just a sandwich for lunch you will save.


Yes looking cute on photos in your trench coat is amazing for Instagram but from a practical point of view, which you should take when travelling to Iceland, you need to think more in terms of a clothes that you would take for skiing holidays. Layers are the main thing! It’s always easier to leave your rainproof jacket in the hotel than catch a cold. I went at the end of May, 2018. We had around 9 degrees but the temperature would drop rapidly, and the sun was replaced with snow and hail within minutes. Also good quality clothes are expensive in Iceland. Personally I love the brand 66 North and you can easily get a jacket from them in Iceland but it will be pricy.


Swap your velvet over the knee boots or converse for boots instead, ideally with Gore-Tex. It will rain when you are there and if it doesn’t consider yourself lucky. When I lived in Iceland I strongly believed in the fashion over function statement. Iceland quickly showed me that they have their own fashion rules and one of them is ‘get ready for the most unpredictable weather and do not trust the forecast’.

Are you hunting for an Icelandic woolly sweater? If you do not mind second hand garments pop into one of the Red Cross charity shops. You can find real gems in fantastic condition.

I think that’s all for now! If I remember anymore I will update this list for sure. Share your tips to Iceland on a budget in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Share your tips or if anything surprised you in comments!


  1. I am going to Iceland this October so will be making a note of all these points! I think I need to invest in some good thermals and coat as I get so cold x

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hi Steph, thank you so much for your comment. I hope my tips are useful. If you are travelling in October I would definitely add extra layers! Stay warm! Love, Iga

  2. Great tips. I’d love to visit Iceland one day. I don’t drink or smoke so don’t need to worry about either of those :)


    1. Hi Jenny, that's fab! You'll save a lot of money! I think that's one of the reasons why people complain that Iceland is very expensive. Love, Iga

  3. What is the limit of cigarettes and alkohol there now?

    1. Hi Meg, I need to check that! I think it was 1l of vodka, 6 beers, and however many cigarets. Love, Iga

  4. I would love to visit Iceland!! It's on my bucket list with the Northern Lights but I don't know much else about it so this post is super useful! xx


    1. Hi Emsi, I am still yet to see the Northern Lights. Who knows we might meet up there! Love, Iga

  5. Oo I like the tip about popping in to the charity shops. I've never thought to do that on holiday!

    1. Hi Angela, thank you! I am glad that you think this tip can be useful! It's something I thought about it lately. Love, Iga


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