Hello Iceland!

Long May weekend just called for a holiday! It was not my first rodeo as I used to live in this Nordic island country for a while years ago. The funny thing is that it is Iceland that taught me to appreciate and make sure that every day counts. Although I lived there I did not have a chance to explore it and it was one of the biggest regrets I have had. 

When I noticed budget friendly tickets from London Luton to Keflavik to Iceland I just had to snatch them straight away. This time I am going to make the most of it! And boy I did! 

Ready to face quick and dramatic weather changes, taught by experience, I took my Northface jacket and fleece as well as a pair of water-resistant Hotter hiking shoes. You will be seeing the same outfit a lot because as someone who usually only travels on a budget with hand luggage I only had one jacket with me so I had to make sure it is well fitted for purpose. If there was one thing I knew that could make or break my experience was how warm I would be during my trip. 

3 hours after leaving London Luton airport, a few cheers and claps after the plane landed, I was in Keflavik! 

Ready to explore but first…! Let me find my scarf and borrow a hat.. The Northface jacket was a great idea! Icelandic wind and rain is unforgiving at all times and seasons, not to mention that during my week there I’ve also experienced snow and hail. Staying cosy! 

Next stop? Reykjavik! Don’t let this beautiful weather in Iceland’s capital fool you! It was so windy!



  1. Ooh I look forward to reading more posts about Iceland! It's definitely on my list, I bet it was incredibly to live there!

    Issy | MissIsGoode

    1. Hi Issy, thank you so much! I will definitely share it all! Love, Iga

  2. Hey, I have the same Northface jacket! It's unbelievable, I wear it everytime I travel anywhere, it keeps me warm, dry and it protects against the wind. Iceland is so beautiful!

    1. Hi Dorota, this jacket is just the best isn't it? We have a heatwave now but when Autumn arrives I will be back wearing this little stunner. Love, Iga

  3. How come you lived in Iceland for a while? That's pretty cool!
    I have lived in Wales for three years (and will move elswhere now) but one of the things I also didn't do (or not enough) was visit all the beautiful places. I suppose it's because once you live there you don't see it as a holiday location so you just do all the mundane stuff that you do in normal life, which is a shame! It's really cool you're now visiting Iceland again. I hope you have a great trip!

    1. Hi Miilru, thank you! I was working there for a while. Actually my family still lives there so I can always pop in and say hi. If they want me or not ;) Are you travelling around the location you live in now? I need to do this more often! I agree that we don't travel around enough. Love, Iga


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