5 Things I Love About Wales

For our May staycations I picked Wales. How I have missed the coastline! After years of living in Aberdeen, Scotland where I took the access to the sea for granted, now I am actively looking for opportunities to be near the sea. I’ve heard that every corner of Wales has something to offer so I was keen to explore it myself! It was my first ever visit but I already have… 

Things I LOVE about Wales 

Wales is extremely pretty but there is one particular costal town that got my heart, possibly because it slightly reminds me of my Scottish love, Stonehaven. Aberaeron with its pretty, pastel houses was definitely a great ice breaker between Wales and I. Moreover I liked Aberaeron even more for encouraging businesses against the use of single use plastics. The aim is for the town to become the first plastic free one in Wales. Fingers crossed! 

Embracing Welsh Culture 

Is there anything better than a place that fully embraces and promotes its diverse culture and traditions? It was so refreshing to see that Wales has the right balance and is proud to embrace its history, food, and language. When you are in Wales definitely go to a local pub, you might be in luck and hear Cymraeg. Also watch out for the Welsh red dragon! 
Tranquil Landscapes 

Wales offer green fields and valleys with sheep casually posing for photos, castles taken straight from a period drama set, and coastal scenery just perfect for an engagement photo shoot. That’s just the beginning as I still have scenic Snowdonia to explore! 

If you have not yet seen the dreamy cottage where I stayed you should do it now and you will know straight away why I love it! I just wanted to slip into my night gown and stay next to the stove with a glass of wine in my hand. 

What’s not to love?!


  1. Staycations are my absolutely favourite and I love Wales! I had a holiday in Snowdonia a few years ago and it was utterly stunning. The cottage was literally in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. I'd love to go back :)


    1. Hi Jenny! Snowdonia is on my list! The cottage in the middle of nowhere? Sounds like my kinda thing! Do you remember where was it? Iga x

  2. Wales is high on my list of staycation locations! It looks so beautiful. So far I've only been to Llandudno but I'd love to more off the beaten path 😊

    1. Here I am on my way to research Llandudno, it looks pretty! x


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