Discovering Staycations in UK

Staycations, holistay, or stay at home vacations call it as you wish, is basically the concept of spending your holidays exploring your home country rather than going abroad. For the UK’s May bank holiday weekend of 2018 this is exactly what I did, I booked a charming, romantic cottage in Wales, which you should check out. 

What are the pros and cons of staycations? 

Easy to Plan 

Although staycations can be easy to plan I would add the following to that statement: if you have a car and can drive. I've found planning holidays in Scotland to places other than the main cities rather tricky because to get to most of the stunning locations you needed a car. This was definitely the case with getting to the cottage in Wales. 

I can agree that staycations are easy to plan but only if you are going to places that have convenient transport links or you can drive there. 

Hassle Free Money Exchange 

Unless you try to use Scottish money in England, only kidding… In the UK even though there is a single currency there are three banks that print their own designs, England, Scotland and Ireland, and even though they are all accepted in each country, not every resident is familiar with the different notes; the Bank of England note is the most widely recognised one. 

Reduced Travel Time 

This again depends on from where you are travelling to. On average I would say that it might be slightly quicker especially if you are travelling to popular destinations. However, sometimes it would be definitely quicker for me to travel from Aberdeen to Gdansk instead of travelling to Glasgow

More Convenient Travelling Time 

Most of the times, especially if you have a car, you can pack your bag and go so a weekend escape from the city is more real than ever. That’s definitely not the case when you are travelling abroad on a plane unless you have your own private jet. 

No Time Difference 

Always a winner for me! No jet lag means that I am not losing a day or more of my holidays just so that I adapt to the new time zone. 

Easier to Bring Pets 

I think one average that might be true especially if you do your homework and find accommodation that is happy for you to take your pooch with you. 

Quick Break 

You can be in for an awesome last minute spontaneous holiday and get yourself some deals and bargains. 

Language You Know 

Staycations would be the perfect choice if you are quite nervous about not understanding what the waitress is asking you or if the people behind you in the queue are laughing at your fashion sense. 

Are staycations for me? 

I will say that as with everything else if you want to you can get the most out of it and have the time of your life with a little bit of creativity and an open mind as the weather can be quite temperamental in the UK. Home or abroad both forms of holidays can be unforgettable! 

What are your thoughts about exploring your own country as a part of your holidays?


  1. I love the idea of a staycation as it allows you to explore and admire your own country. I'm actually trying to plan a staycation in Brighton as i would love to explore the city more as i have only been once! Xx


    1. Hi Tabitha! Did you plan your staycations in Brighton? I've never been but a few of my friends are from there so I guess I will have a chance to visit at some point. :) x

  2. Staycations are great! I do love to travel abroad but there are so many good things about staycations and I always consider both the UK and abroad when thinking about holidays. My sister hates to fly so she's a huge fan of a staycation, and there is so much beauty in the UK, in some places it even feels like you are abroad!

    Issy | MissIsGoode

    1. What's your favourite place in UK? I want to discover new locations!


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