Date With Alpacas

Walk with Alpacas in England UK Date Idea
Dating Alphabet started strong with possibly one of the cutest and fluffiest experiences possible at Charnwood Forest. I found a deal on Groupon for an Alpaca Walk with Sparkling Afternoon Tea for One or Two at Charnwood Forest. How could I resist? Two minutes later we were booked in. 

The weather was not on our side but this did not really influence our experience, Scottish weather has really made me quite resistant and ready to make the most out of my time outdoors. However, it does make taking bright images a bit of a challenge.
Walk with Alpacas in England UK Date Idea
Before the walk we popped in for our tickets and bought 6 bags full of treats for the Alpacas. After a quick introduction and a few facts we were ready to take our new furry friends for a walk! Everyone got their own Alpaca to walk alongside. I was wandering around with Karma, whereas Cupcake who was the clear leader at heart was walking first. I think it was actually Cupcake taking my husband for a walk rather than my husband taking Cupcake for a walk. True leader.
Walk with Alpacas in England UK Date Idea
Walking alongside the Alpacas is actually like walking with a very well behaved dog just bigger and potentially fluffier. On a side note Alpacas are very, very interested in food so keep your bags with the treats in your pocket otherwise you are risking loosing the whole bag immediately. They do a lot to get their treats as soon as possible. The 90 minutes walk passed in minutes.

Finishing the experience with afternoon tea was a good idea, I felt the Autumnal weather by the end of the walk for sure. It's a shame because the food coming out from the kitchen, that was not part of the deal, smelled and looked delicious. However, the afternoon tea was average, the cake portions that we received were tiny so I would suggest to just go for a walk as part of the deal.

Would you like to go for a walk with Alpacas? 

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