Intense red just one click away - Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate

Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate

I like Chanel products for great quality and long lasting effect as well as for elegant cases. When I think of Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate, I imagine Coco Chanel nonchalantly reaching for her lipstick, while smoking in glamorous Parisian restaurant. Unintentionally interrupting conversation just to give some extra colour on her lips. I think that everyone at the table would stop for a second to follow the soft track of redness appearing on her lips. She would just initiate the conversation perfectly unaware of the impression she has made. 

Rouge Allure is closed in black, classic case that opens with a gentle click. I can be forgetful so this case will help me to avoid little disasters in my bag, as it is not as easy to open by accident.
One of the main Rouge Allure advantages is intense pigmentation. I decided to go with number 99 called Pirate. Rich, seductive red that applies evenly is my must have and confidence booster. When applied this lipstick is smooth, soft and looks very chic with my pale skin and grey eyes. Also it gives an impression of whiter teeth. (If you know great whitening products that are actually working please let me know!) I love to wear this lipstick as a main feature as it helps to define style and adds character. Moreover this lipstick stays on my lips forever!

It is worth it to mention that Rouge Allure is not very hydrating. However applying a small amount of a lip balm, before applying the lipstick, does the job perfectly. If I am in a mood for a little bit more shinny effect, I just apply Brilliant Extreme Glossimer number 106 Myriade. I will share with you my thoughts about it next week!
Rouge Allure leaves my lips and me feeling gorgeous and a little bit like femme fatale from black and white movies. My lips love it and so do I!


Intense Pigmentation
Silky Finish
Long lasting effect

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