Why Should You Write Down Your Goals

Do you set your goals or do you think why should you write them down? I can say from my experience that setting daily, weekly and monthly goals works for me. I like to write them down, and tick boxes after finishing tasks. It is satisfying seeing at the end of a day how much I have managed to do. Progress is very motivating.

When I was at school I had the chance to read a story about a piece of research from 1979 Harvard MBA. I am willing to believe that it is more anecdotal as I cannot really find any academic references to support whether the story is true or not. However, the story itself is quite inspirational. Apparently, graduate students were asked one simple question: ‘Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?’ Only 3% of the asked students had set and written their goals. Ten years later students who had down their written goals were earning ten times more as opposed to the other 97% of the class, whom did not have clear, written goals. 

There is definitely some truth in the story about writing goals for me. I have noticed myself on more than a few occasions, that writing down my goals and actually having goals helps me enormously to achieve more than I would have otherwise. It is very motivating to see that I have not wasted my day. There is nothing better for me than the satisfaction obtained from getting a job done no matter what it is, starting from a deep clean and finishing at publishing new articles. Also any reason is a good reason to celebrate and treat yourself. Yes, finished daily list is one of them! Bring the chocolate! 

Seeing daily goals on paper helps me quickly set an agenda for the day and add extra tasks if needed. I am trying to overwhelm myself with the amount of things I have to do but trying to do as much as possible. Additionally, I am able clarify them and make them specific if they are not.   

I am a big enthusiast for having a planner/diary/calendar, which helps me to organize my days. Even if I do not manage to finish something, my list once quick glance in my planner shows me what has not been done yesterday and set my priorities for a day. Having a planner also reduces Oh no moments, when in the middle of the meeting I realise I have forgotten about another task! It can be all too easy to forget about somethings.

Another reason why I set goals is to have an opportunity to check my progress. It is a perfect occasion to introduce changes if they are needed. I remember when I was trying to get in to shape, and despite the fact that I was exercising and I stuck to a plan I was not seeing any results. Monthly progress checks helped me to avoid another unproductive month. I had a chance to look back at my fitness regime and diet and determine early on what might be lacking. A level of flexibility is definitely required with some goals more than with others.

Do you write down your goals?  

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