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The original purpose of Smart & Safe Summer series has been to help out my little sister before her first holidays abroad without family and me still do not know how could she book a travel without me. 

In summer 2015 my little sister was going for a holiday with her friends to a well known spot for parties, cocktails, and fun. It also meant that her older sister was getting paranoid every day, more and more. Added in 2017: time passed and I still worry about my not so little sis now. I do not even want to think how much of a protective mother I am going to be.

I am a student, traveler, friend but first of all I am a big sister. If you ask my sister she would probably say that I am a rather annoying big sister.  

Possibly I am going to sound like an old auntie that you avoid during family gatherings but as summer is approaching it is worth refreshing your knowledge that you probably already have. 

Smart & Safe Summer Posts

Talking all about you getting a sun tan without risking your skin too much. 

Often overlooked subject but definitely important for all water babes out there.

A few tips for you to get back to your own bed safe.

My nightmare story, that quite frankly terrified me and placed me in the position I never wish to be in again.

I did fall for a few of them myself. Don't forget to add yours in comment so other people can be aware.

It's all fun and giggles but what if alcohol causes you or your friend a blackout?

If summer love is not what he/she claims to be.

Would you know how safe is this drink from a stranger? How can you tell?

Again, my own experience please share yours. Here are all tips I am aware of to make your travel safer.

What else would you like me to write about for this series?

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